THREE chickens hatched an eggcellent escape from their West Kirby home and ventured into their local pub next door.

Angel, Pumpkin and Ginger were found behind the bar at The White Lion Inn today (Thursday, November 8) by the pub's owner Andy who posted a picture of the eggs-cape artists on Facebook.

Their owner Sarah Hill went to check on her three warren chickens after seeing the post and realised that the plucky trio had disappeared.

Mum Sarah told the Globe: "The first I knew about it was the picture on Facebook. I thought they look like my three chickens.

"We have a 10 to 12 foot fence between us and The White Lion, so I can only imagine they climbed branch to branch plotting their escape.

"When I went to check, they'd left the tiny bantam chicken behind and she was crying.

Wirral Globe:

Sarah's son Sam with the ringleader Angel (aged just a day old when this was taken) on her favourite perch...

"Angel, Pumpkin and Ginger enjoyed their adventure, but they’re banned from watching Chicken Run anytime soon!

"We've had them since they were a day old and I never thought they'd be able to escape like this.

"They've now had a taste of pub freedom so we need to figure out how to stop them getting out again.

"Andy was lovely considering they had taken him away from his work. He had them behind the bar then shooed them out to the garden so when I arrived he helped me catch them.

"I shoved two under his arms and he very kindly helped me carry them to my door."