TWO historic guardians of Wirral will be shining bright again on November 11.

While we all look forward to the River of Light celebrations on both sides of the Mersey on Sunday, there is another illuminating occasion that will shine across the peninsular for one night only.

And this memory will remain for many years to come.

Wirral's famous 'Sea Lights' will light up the skies again in what will be an awe-inspiring sight from 7pm to midnight.

This exceedingly rare occasion is Wirral's spine-tingly contribution to WW1 Beacons of Light – part of the UK's 'Battles Over' which marks the centenary of the signing of the Armistice at the end of World War 1.

It has been more than a lifetime - 110 years -since the Sea Lights shone together.

Leasowe Lighthouse last shone on July 5, 1908.

Bidston's light was put out for the last time at sunrise on October 9, 1913.

Stephen Pickles and his team at Bidston Lighthouse are feeling 'proud and excited' about this emotional and stunning tribute which is not open to the public.

He stresses that the commemorations will be tempered.

Not only is it a reminder of the horrors of war, but also by nostalgia for the lost profession of 'lighthouse keeping.'

It is 20 years since the last lighthouse in England was de-manned.

Our life-saving lighthouses on Wirral: Bidston, Leasowe, Hoylake, New Brighton and Woodside are monuments with a legacy to be proud of.

And on November 11 we can reflect on the famous saying from the then foreign Minister Sir Edward Grey, who wasn't referring to lighthouses when he said, on the eve of the First World War: "The lamps are going out all over Europe.

"We shall not see them again in our lifetime.”

History is being made again on Wirral on November 11 with this unique switch on ..


DISNEYWORLD in Florida has a team of Imagineers.

Here on Wirral we have our very own.

Imagine Wirral will certainly have a great future as long as some creative, community-minded folk come up with wonderful ideas.

Major Mace is one man who consistently makes eye-catching attractions at Vale Park.

We will see his driftwood war horses come alive again for Remembrance Sunday and there's more ...

There will be a stunning cascade of hand made poppies made out of sea shells to see.

And I salute the Birkenhead Institute for Boys.

They will unveil a statue to Wilfred Owen this Sunday 100 - years to the day the war poet was killed in action - 88 soldiers fell.

It is another fine, moving addition to Wirral's beautiful and lovingly cared for war memorials honouring the brave but never forgotten.


BUBBLING over with anticipation - that's local heroes Carl and Rose Leckie, who are hoping to bring an unusual attraction to New Brighton.

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been 'Welly Wanging' in New Zealand, closer to home there's something less energetic.

Having been to the Festival of Bubble Blowing in North Wales, our dynamic duo wants to bring this event to Wirral.

Let's hope their meeting with the council does not see this tourism thought bubble ... pricked.


FOR one moment I thought Wirral had missed the bus with Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram's announcement of a bus review and debate.

The emphasis seemed to be on Liverpool, but aren't there six boroughs in this combined authority?

As a full-time commuter, I was relieved to hear the next phase in the New Year will see ALL six boroughs involved.

There will be on-the-street surveys and focus groups.

A time for Wirral bus travellers to have their say before plans are submitted to the Government in 2020.

Get on board.


DOG owners worried about their pets in the run up to November 5 should play reggae music to keep their canines calm.

Researchers played a variety of music to dogs at a re-homing centre and then assessed their behavioural changes.

It seems the four-legged friends were happiest when listening to tracks by Bob Marley and UB40.

Glasgow University said apart from Jammin' with Bob dogs like a cuddle to keep their minds off scary and noisy fireworks.

How about a little Bach?


AND finally ...

Let's hope it doesn’t catch on in the UK.

I refer to the Chilean soccer player who decided to celebrate his goal last weekend by running off the pitch, via the manager's dugout, picking up a little box en-route and then sprinted into the stands where he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend.

It was about as spontaneous as Phil 'Spreadsheet' Hammond's goal-less budget.

Happily, the lady didn't give her lover a red card.

While the same can't be said about the opposing team.

The striker later went off with a broken leg.

What a Chile reception.

Peter Grant