THE Wirral phone mast fiasco has exposed a fundamental flaw in the Telecommunications Act - and a prospective MP is seeking to get it changed.

Four T-Mobile masts are being built in Pensby, Moreton, Claughton and Heswall after a massive council default, despite fierce opposition from more than 600 residents.

The plans were initially refused by two separate planning committees but Wirral Council forgot to send off the decision notices within the 56-day time limit giving the mobile phone giant deemed consent.

Esther McVey, Conservative parliamentary candidate for West Wirral, has been working locally with Tory councillors Chris Blakeley and Leah Fraser and with Pensby candidate John Meyer, but she is also campaigning nationally and tabling a motion with Conservative shadow secretary of state for planning Jacqui Lait to get the act changed Ms McVey said: "The planning debacle here on Wirral has exposed fundamental flaws in the Tele-communications Act, which I'm now seeking to challenge the government over.

"Why should there be deemed planning consent after 56 days' if the telecommunications companies aren't notified?

"It's a total nonsense. Should anyone apply to the council for say, an extension on their house and get it refused, you won't find you've got 'deemed consent' after 56 days if the council haven't notified you of the refusal. So why should tele-communications companies get deemed consent for phone masts?"

She added: "Many people have voiced their strong concerns over health issues too, which in the light of on going scientific research must be taken into account when considering mast applications."

Last week, Wirral Tories highlighted the case with Conservative party leader David Cameron and urged him to give a greater say to local people when he is drawing up the next manifesto.