WORLD renowned dancer, actor and singer Adam Garcia paid a special visit to a dance school which was left devastated by the New Ferry blast.

Complete Works' principals Vicky Charlton and Kim Ashman contacted the Australian as part of a tap dance masterclass he was running for dance schools across the UK.

Vicky told the Globe: “I’ve followed him since I was 14 and when advert popped up on our online dance community I thought that it would be a great opportunity for the school.

“When writing the application, I explained about what Complete Works had been through and that we were going through a terrible time.

“Soon enough, we had confirmed a class for October 12.

“He was so funny and just lovely - he was exactly what we needed. He taught a class for both our young and older dancers and even stopped for photographs after the session.

“It's really difficult as we want to be back on our patch. We’re so grateful to all the help we’ve received but there is a dance school on every corner in Wirral and that was ours.

“It’s very frustrating not to find something in our area.

Adam Garcia with Vicky and Kim from Complete Works

“So as soon as Adam came he showed complete compassion. He was just delightful.

“At the end of the session, he was packing up and I asked if I could give him a lift anywhere.

“He said he was staying at the Village Hotel so we drove him there.

“On the way I asked whether he would like to see the site where we were based on Boundary Road and he agreed.

“We showed him and explained - he said he was mind blown but that we were doing such a good job to keep on fighting.

“It was a great day but sad for us, because we would have loved to have brought him to our studio that Kim and I had put everything into.

“He said he completely understood and that our kids were great and they should keep going.

“He has promised to come back and the most important thing is that the students had the best time and it was a really lovely lift."