A SECONDARY school teacher shocked by the number of teenage girls reading sexually-explicit adult literature has reacted by publishing her own book.

After repeatedly overhearing young girls talk about books such as Fifty Shades of Grey, an erotic novel by author E L James, Sue Bordley became increasingly worried about the negative effect of such suggestive literature on teenage behaviours.

In response, the English teacher from Bromborough set about penning her own book to provide teenage girls, 15 and over, with a more appropriate alternative.

After months of writing XY,Z was finally published last year under her pen name Jess Molyneux.

It follows the story of 17-year-old Zoe Thompson and her first serious sexual relationship with her boyfriend Alex Ryan.

Specifically aimed at a teenage audience, the book features detailed descriptions of the sexual aspects of Zoe and Alex's relationship but with a much greater emphasis on respect.

Since its publication, Sue has remained tight-lipped about being the real writer behind pseudonym Jess Molyneux but has now decided to reveal her identity.

She said: "The book is a bit explicit in parts so I guess I've always been a bit concerned about the reaction I might get especially being a teacher.

"However, I think youngsters today have a really hard time and I believe they can benefit from more open discussions about sex and relationships which is why I'm now talking more openly about my reasons for writing the book.

"XY,Z does contain detailed descriptions of the sexual aspects of relationships but I've tried to deal with this in a more age-appropriate way for older teenagers.

"The descriptions of sexual activity are designed partly to be educational but more importantly the relationship between Zoe and Alex aims to show young women that if they behave responsibly, sexual relationships can be positive.

"The book is humorous but tackles issues such as consent, safe sex and emergency contraception in a realistic way, responsible way.

"It really started to concern me to think older teenage girls were looking to adult literature to guide and inform them about relationships and that's why I decided to do something about it.

"I really hope they find XY,Z enjoyable, insightful but appropriate at the same time."

Sue, who has since published her second novel Rescue Me, which she was inspired to write following a period of severe depression, said writing had allowed her to address a number of real-life issues such as relationships and mental well-being but in a positive, light-hearted and humorous way.

"In 2017 I was forced to give up the job I loved because of depression.

"On many days I was unable to get out of bed, let alone leave the house," she explained.

"Eventually, I felt able to try swimming for some physical activity and one day whilst at the pool, I got a moment of inspiration when I saw a lifeguard tapping his feet to the song on the radio which was Rescue Me.

"This set the basic chain of events for the story in my head – a realistic romance story where heroine Nikki is emotionally rather than physically rescued by a lifeguard named Rob.

"The combination of swimming and having the book to focus on has certainly helped to rescue me.

"I have been able to return to work and currently teach on a supply basis and I try to go swimming as often as possible.

"I really hope people will enjoy this book.

"It's essentially a straightforward, uplifting love-story but is also very much about women supporting each other through difficult times.

"I've dedicated it to the real life ‘Lauras and Jeanettes’ in the world after two of the book's strong female characters.”

Sue is now working on ideas for a follow up to XY,Z and a fourth novel.

Her latest novels are available on Amazon as well as Write Blend Bookshop and Lifestyle Collective in Liverpool.