HOPE for Green Belt as new figures emerge headlines in the Globe have begun to expose the truth of Wirral Council's threats to concrete over our Green Belt.

According to European law, the public consultation on the "Local Plan" is a process to be undertaken; "when all options are open" (ref; Aarhaus Convention).

The so-called consultation has based itself, and is still on-going, based on figures which are fabricated.

Surely this now renders the entire process as void.

The council has not operated in a "fair and transparent manner" which it is lawfully obliged to do.

So if they tell us that they intend to build only on brownfield - don't be re-assured!

As Wirral currently has 4,600 empty properties, and a population which is decreasing, there is no requirement to build more.

The council own many hectares of unused industrial land which they should consider for building, before they consider destroying any of our recreational, vital oxygen producing green spaces.

This is a matter for a proper and thorough investigation to prosecute those responsible and give the people of Wirral cast-iron assurances that all it’s green spaces will be protected in perpetuity.

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