LIVERPOOL-based Tmesis Theatre has built a solid reputation for creating physical theatre since they started touring 15 years ago.

They always stand out.

With their latest production they are simply out-standing.

Beyond Belief is an ambitious, clever, inventive and surreal take on the digital age in life and in death.

They ask the question: "what could happen if you could live forever - if we could bring our loved ones back?"

Devised and written by Chris Fittock and directed by Elinor Randle it is a compact piece of storytelling - precise in dialogue and assured in performances.

And the music is so well-suited to the subject matter including a beautiful piece of piano-led incidental melody to the timeless songs of the late, great Elvis Presley.

We actually see a contented, self-effacing and philosophical Elvis in heaven.

This 56-minute work is much more than a futuristic love story.

Robots may take our jobs but they will never take our hearts.

Is it better to have loved and lost and leave it at that? 

Charles doesn't think so.

Designer Stephanie O'Hara's slick set resembles the inside of a word processor with in-built computer monitors and there are light emanating boxes which are mobile 'soul store-rooms.' 

The four-strong cast in blue jump suits (individually and collectively) produce a cracking piece of top-notch, thought-provoking drama.

Full marks to the energetic fab four: lovers Charles Sandford (Simon) and Eleni Edipidi (Chloe); Adam Davies as Victor and a convincing Elvis and Jennifer Essex as the sinister Exec Vice President of the cult-like Beyond Belief organisation.

I am sure every one who sees this satisfying tale will come away with their own understanding and interpretation.

Good grief!

This really is a clever, witty, dark play with music offering a dream and nightmare scenario slickly joined together while creating a gripping, emotional experience in the process.

Powerful, punchy and poignant - five stars 

The production is on until this Saturday.

Tickets from the box office on 0151 709 4988