JEREMY Corbyn supporters have 'gained complete control' of Frank Field’s former constituency Labour party, and called for the Birkenhead MP to trigger a by-election.

According to party sources, there has been a 'Momentum takeover' of the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party (CLP), which has seen top Wirral councillors lose their positions on its ruling executive committee.

Politicians including the council’s deputy leader Cllr George Davies, jobs and growth cabinet member Cllr Angela Davies and Cllr Chris Meaden were ousted at the CLP’s annual general meeting on Friday.

Cabinet member for environment Cllr Matthew Patrick, who is leaving his post altogether in Wirral, has also been replaced, as has Cllr Paul Doughty, who is believed to have withdrawn his position as vice chair.

It’s believed those chosen to replace them are generally of the party’s left wing and with links to Momentum, with the movement’s Wirral branch appearing to endorse the appointments on its Twitter page on Friday.

Also on Twitter, the Birkenhead and Tranmere Labour Party called it a 'clean and decisive sweep for Jeremy Corbyn.'

Louise Reecejones, who Mr Field attacked for her 'appalling' behaviour when he resigned the Labour Party whip earlier this year, was appointed to the position of diversity officer of the CLP.

Mr Field’s commentd about Ms Reecejones came after she was found to have breached numerous council codes when she bragged that she could 'shut up' an authority investigation into alleged fraud by using her position, and the MP mentioned her case specifically when resigning at the end of August.

The new vice chair of the CLP is Wirral council’s ward member for Prenton, Cllr Tony Norbury.

When asked if it was fair to say the CLP had been taken over by Momentum and the party’s left wing, Cllr Norbury responded by saying he was 'certainly not a member' of Momentum.

But he added: “I would say that the members of the Labour Party have exercised their democratic right to choose the people they want to represent them.

“It means we have now got a progressive CLP in Birkenhead that’s been chosen by the members of the Labour Party. We will move forward together as a progressive party aligned to the party nationally.”

In terms of the future of the parliamentary constituency, Cllr Norbury called on Mr Field, who in August resigned the Labour party whip, to step aside and trigger a by-election.

He said: “I am definitely putting myself forward as a candidate. It’s up to Frank Field [to trigger a by-election]. He’s no longer a member of the Labour Party. We feel Birkenhead needs an MP representing the party.

“He hasn’t done so so far but I think he should.”

Responding to Cllr Norbury’s comments, Mr Field confirmed that he had no intention of triggering a by-election.

He said: “I’m not surprised that so many people wish to represent Birkenhead in Parliament.

“That’s been my privilege for a number of years and I shall be standing at the next election at which 70,000 voters, and not 35 comrades, will decide who they wish to represent them in Parliament.”

Mr Field is also in the midst of a dispute against the party after claiming he was planning to stand as an 'independent Labour MP.'

His legal challenge is ongoing after officials said the move automatically rescinded his party membership.

A Wirral cabinet official declined to comment on the members who lost their positions in the constituency party.

Momentum groups across the borough were also contacted for comment.