IT was party time at the Everyman when Deaf School returned for two much-awaited shows.

A catwalk and cabaret-styled table layout suited the Liverpool legends at the place where it all began 45 years ago at their Hope Street stomping ground.

They made three albums before calling it a day.

But there would be more school reunions and the fans (called Deaftsers) remain forever loyal.

The audience was made up of followers of all ages who sang along with the seven-piece gathering of talented one-time Liverpool College of Arts students.

Songs old and new were lapped up.

The new album Let's Do it Again Next Week features some stylish new songs with trademark melodies and lyrics that now sit well with their classics.

Like '70s compatriots Sparks, Deaf School combine intelligence with fun.

They are also a fabulous live act.

New compositions included the jaunty seaside romance of Bed and Breakfast, the jaunty Tap to Snooze, the music hall-inspired Come On Archie and the melancholy The 4th of September Street.

From the back-catalogue came Taxi, Cocktails at Eight and the title track from their classic debut album Second Honeymoon.

And, of course, the hit single What a Way To End it All.

Lead vocalists Enrico Cadillac Junior and Bette Bright have lost none of their charisma as they invited us back on the musical School bus for a trip down Memory Lane.

Enrico (Steve Allen) may have lost his black locks and the Clarke Gable looks of his youth but he still oozes laid back charm looking like a private eye from a Bogart movie and Bette lives up to her 'bright' surname with some sparkling outfits while playing the triangle and treating us to the finale with Final Act with the Rev Max Ripple on accordion.

Clive Langer on guitar and sax appeal from Ian Richie and vocals from Steve Average on the catchy Darling were all in enthusiastic form as was drummer Gregg Braden.

These two sell-out concerts showed Deaf School are in a good place and as popular as in their hey, hey, hey day.

The opening intro featured a voice-over from the late Fab Four press officer Wirral-born Derek Taylor.

It was a moving moment proving way back when that Derek saw something special emerging from Liverpool ... the best home-grown band since The Beatles.

Four Stars - Deft School!