Globe columnist Peter Grant pays tribute to one half of Chas and Dave who has left the stage but leaves us all a wonderful legacy.

TWO of my all-time favourite concerts came courtesy of one of my all time favourite pop acts – Chas and Dave.

The first one was improvised and took place in the '90s, when I went to interview them in a hotel in London's Swiss Cottage.

They greeted me like an old friend.

Both were dressed in trademark collar-less shirts, braces and boots.

Two working-class, Tottenham Hotspur supporting troubadours, musical masters of the piano and guitar, they talked of 'Rockney' - their creation – a warm melodic and lyrical mix of cockney culture and rock and roll.

They then moved to the piano bar where they gave a traffic mini-concert surrounded by surprised but eventual sing-a-long punters.


I have interviewed many celebrities over the years, but these two did not have a hint of ego.

Chas and Dave seemed to know what the other was thinking as they nodded and laughed over anecdotes about their early struggles that eventually paid off.

Chas was a clock repairer and Dave a sign-writer by trade whose paths would cross one night when Chas was given a lift home by Dave.

They both married their then sweethearts.

Dave with Sue and Chas with Joan.

They became their life-long rocks.

Sue died in 2009 but Chas was there to console his friend.

Chas and Dave split up only to reform a year later. They played and recorded together up until this weekend.

Musically they were respected by the likes of Paul McCartney and Brian Epstein.

Chas told me how proud they were being the subject of This is Your Life in 1984 when Lonnie Donegan flew in to praise them in person.

The after-show party was one of the biggest knees-ups London town had ever seen.

My second and last meeting with them was at The Cavern in 2011 where they played an astonishing, faultless, feel good set.

They sang all their hits Gercha, Rabbit and beautiful ballads 'Aint No Pleasing You and I Wish I Could Write a Love Song.

Most recently Chas played on Gilbert O'Sullivan's top 20 album.

You cannot mistake Chas' boogie-woogie keyboard work and vocals.

Gilbert, like so many fans and fellow singer songwriters, has tweeted his sentiments.

Chas and Dave were due to play Liverpool's Empire on Sunday.

Now we only have the memories of this dynamic duo who were part of so many soundtracks to our lives.

Dave has lost his best pal.

We have lost a magical character someone who made you feel you had known him all your life.

Very few people have that rare quality Chas, we will always have your Rockney music to remember you by.

Cheerio, mate.

Peter Grant