WHILE LFC were playing at Anfield in the Champions League, Justin Moorhouse was playing a blinder at the Unity Theatre.

His Northern Joker show, fresh from critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe, is a master class in stand-up comedy.

Support act Danny McLoughlin from Chester, sporting an extra large 'hoodie', was the ideal opener with his laid-back 20 minute set paced very well as he painted a picture of his formative years with some sharp self-effacing humour.

I know we will be hearing a lot more from likeable Danny.

Justin Moorhouse is also the master of a self deprecating humour as he offered a picture - past and present - of his ever-changing family: sharing tales of a mercurial thirteen-year-old daughter and a university educated know-it-all, 21-year-old son.

At 48 years himself, Justin is a vegan, teetotaller so plenty of material there to dip into but he doesn't 'over egg' anything.

He has realised that things never stay the same.

He uses the Beano and a trip to Puffin Island to take us back on semi-sentimental journeys tinged with bitter-sweet observations.

Justin from Hyde, Greater Manchester, doesn’t over-do the politics but there were stand-out moments when, in a surreal sequence, he spoke of Brexit and the DIY failings of Donald Trump.

Justin makes it look so easy but his shows illustrate years of fine tuning, resulting in spot on timing.

Sporting a plain t-shirt and jeans this ultra-relaxed performer thanked the audience for coming out on a Tuesday night when the footy was on.

We thanked him back with gales of laughter.

He hit the back of the net many times.

Justin, a Radio 5 broadcaster, Phoenix Nights TV star and film actor, excels as a stand-up comedian.

Just like his hero the late, great Les Dawson he has the gift of connecting with people.

His delivery is reminiscent of the classic TV show The Comedians but with a bang-up-to-date modern edge.

Watching this slick hour show you leave the theatre knowing that there are even greater things to come from Justin.

Despite what he says, he is not 'washed up' at all - he is actually on a roll.

Justin starts a big tour in January 2019.

Make sure you catch one of our finest comedians who relishes making us all laugh in these perplexing times.

Four stars - A Northern Star