30th August 2018

Aged 92 years

My Dad, My Hero, A True Gentleman

We thought you were invincible Dad,

and be with us forever.

But that was not to be we had you for 92 years and the

wonderful memories we have will see us through the sad time.

Give our Mum a big kiss and a hug.

Your loving daughter Suzanne, Robert, Leigh,

Tina, Harry, Elliot, Craig, Max, Oscar and Jake.

x x x

Well Dad

We never thought this day would come, but sadly it has.

From the day you were told about your illness you

fought it all the way, brave until the very end.

I knew you would go when we were alone, but those

three little words you said to me have eased my heart ache.

We will miss your great sense of humour,

funny little ways and your caring nature.

You were a big part of our lives.

You will be forever in our hearts and prayers.

Loving daughter Pauline, son in-law and best friend Stephen.

x x x


I miss you.

A beautiful memory dearer than gold,

of a Father who’s worth can never be told.

There’s a place in my heart that no one can fill,

I miss you Dad and always will.

You’re both together now Dad and we all love you both.

Love Angela, John, Emma, Kelly-Ann, Karl,

Lucas, Charlie, Freya and Frankie.

x x x

To My Wonderful Dad

I sit here with a broken heart but know you’re at

peace back in the arms of our beautiful Mum.

We’ll always remember you Dad because there’ll

never be another one to replace you in our hearts.

You were amazing and respected by all that knew you.

Love you forever, loving daughter Karen and Dave.

x x x


Gone are the Sunday’s we used to share,

but in my heart you’re always there.

Never more than a thought away,

I love and remember you every day.

Your heartbroken son Billy and Angie.

x x x
Dad I love you.

x x x

To My Dear Dad

Who done everything for me over the past twenty-six years,

from the day my lovely Mum passed away.

I miss you so much and always will,

you are in my thoughts every day.

May God bless you Will.

Your loving son Paul.


To My Dad, My Hero

You will leave a huge hole in our lives.

We were privileged and blessed to have you as our Dad, so thank you.

I’ll say it one last time “Don’t be late, thanks for coming”

Give my Mum a big hug and a kiss from us.

I will always be heartbroken.

Love from Julie, Steve and Chloe.

x x x

One and Only Grandad Billy

Grandad Billy, forever a blue,

when you left us our hearts were torn in two.

You left us with happy memories,

and laughter to last a lifetime.

And you always had a smile for us,

even in your times of pain.

Your door was always open,

Friday’s will never be the same again!

Sleep easy now Grandad.

We know you will always be by our side, gleaming with pride.

At peace with Nanny Marion in our hearts you will stay,

loved and remembered everyday.

We’ll always remember “Don’t pee on the seat!”

We love you, Nicola, Jennifer, Kirsty and family.

x x x


We will miss you but happy memories we will keep,

You gave us years of love and care before you went to sleep.

I have so many moments that I will look back on with joy,

like playing cards on Christmas night when I was a boy.

You always wanted the best for us whatever that may be,

I am glad that there were big events that you were here to see.

Like June 14th when you were there on my wedding day,

those memories and moments will never fade away.

Your smile and laugh are gone now and that makes me sad,

until we meet again someday thank you for being my Grandad.

All our love forever and ever, Anthony and Kim.

x x x

To Grandad

You always brought sunshine into my life and

I will always be your ray of sunshine.

You will forever be in my heart but I will still

leave the house without brushing my hair.

See you at Christmas.

Love from Chloe.

x x

See you in our dreams Grandad.

Loving grandaughter Katie and great grandchildren Evie, Cami-Li and Hunter.

x x x

I am heartbroken that you have gone,

in my heart and dreams your memories will always live on.

There are no words to describe how much of a great man you were,

you shined bright, always full of love and care.

Love you always Grandad.

Amy and Dean.

x x x

Gran Gran Billy, Grandad,

You were my best friend, we would play together, the fun would never end.

Me and you had a special bond, that only we could understand.

I will miss you always, Finley.

x x x

Gran Gran Billy

Every Friday here we are opening up the

fridge door while we’re eating all your food,

you’re there cheering on the blues.

Always with pounds in you’re never ending pockets.

Later you’d be waiting to see what we got whilst shopping.

Now it’s time for us to go, see you at Christmas Ho, Ho, Ho.

Your great grandchildren Olivia, Isobelle, Emily, Grace and Amelia.

x x x

Love you always, forever in our thoughts.


Sister Dolly, Betty, Edith and families.

x x x

Funeral service at Landican Crematorium Centre Chapel

on Friday 21st September 2018 at 1pm.

A service to celebrate Billy’s life will be held at the

Valley Lodge on Thursday 20th September 2018 at 6.30pm.

Family flowers only, donations if desired in memory

of Billy to the Asbestos Society and Marie Curie

C/O Thomas McMullan Funeral Services,

The Valley Lodge Funeral Home,

Borough Road, Birkenhead, CH42 9JE.

Tel. 0151 653 4173.