Née Farrell

Passed away peacefully at home on

22nd August 2018, aged 75 years.

x x x

Kind was your nature, true were your ways.

We will treasure your memory Mum, for the rest of our days.

Forever in our hearts.

Your loving son Michael and daughter-in-law Susan.

x x x

We wish that we could see you Mum, for just a little while.

We wish that we could hug you, and see your lovely smile.

But wishing gets us nowhere, and longing is in vain.

So we will hold you in our hearts, until we meet again.

From your loving son Paul and daughter-in-law Jane.

x x x

Thinking of you Mum, but that is nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday, and the day before that too.

I’ll think about you tomorrow, and as the years come and go.

I’ll think about you forever, because we loved you so.

From your loving son Mark and daughter-in-law Michelle.

x x x

To those who have a Nan, love her while you may.

Because we wish with all our hearts, our Nan was here today.

From your loving grandchildren Hayley and Liam.

x x x

We love and miss you Nan, we wish you were here today.

Just to say these words to you, ‘We love you in every way’.

Forever in our hearts, Sammy and JJ.

x x x

Mum, we are truly heartbroken,

you leave a massive void in the lives of so many.

We all love you so much, sleep tight with the angels.

Finally reunited with our Dad, your Jimmy.

Goodnight and God bless to our legend, our Mum.

Peter, Frank, David and Jamie.

x x x x

Funeral to take place at St Werburgh’s Church,

Birkenhead on Thursday 6th September at 12 noon,

followed by Landican at 1.30pm.

Donations please to Cancer Research.