25th January 1964 –

29th August 2018

Aged 54 years

Beloved Son

A special smile, a special face,

in our hearts a special place.

Memories are a gift to treasure,

ours of you Tony will last forever.

Lots of love, Mum and Dad.

x x x


To hear your voice, to see you smile,

to sit and talk to you a while.

To be together in the same old way,

would be my dearest wish today.

Love Jack and Emma.

x x x


I didn’t see you often, but you knew I really cared

and I have some lovely memories of happy times we share.

Love Phil and Donna.

x x x

In loving memory of our Uncle Tony.

Partings come to let us know,

we love more deeply than we show.

But love in death should let us see,

what love in life should really be.

Mandy, Sam and James.

x x x


Our hearts are filled with memories,

which we gather through the years,

all the happy times we share

are treasured souvenirs.

Love Mike.

x x x


To us he was someone special,

someone set apart,

his memory will live forever,

engraved within our hearts.

Love Sarah, Andy and Charley.

x x x

Funeral service to take place at Blacon Crematorium, Chester

On Tuesday 18th September at 12.40 pm,

followed by burial at Plymyard Cemetery at 2.00pm.

Followed by The OC Bar, Knockaloe Hall, Bromborough.