A RESIDENT has vented his anger at an 'amateurish' council road resurfacing job, labelling it a 'puddle-filled disgrace.'

The works were carried out on Monday to a road in Upton with a sign reportedly saying they would take place across both Monday and Tuesday.

But a local resident said there was 'no sign' of any workers at Slingsby Drive on Tuesday, adding: “It’s a really amateurish job. If someone had laid a drive for me like that I would refuse to pay them.”

A council spokesman said that after inspecting the work, they felt it had been completed to a 'good standard', but that the authority would be monitoring 'small sections' that may have been affected by rainfall.

The resident, who didn’t want to be named, disagreed with the council, calling the work a 'puddle-filled disgrace' on social media.

He said: “They shouldn’t pay the contractors until it’s finished to a high standard.

“We pay more and more for council tax and get less and less service and what we do get is often second rate.”

He said he’d now like to see the local authority ensure the road is resurfaced to a 'good standard', adding: “Not uneven, not full of hollows and dips to gather puddles. If I do a job I try to take pride in what I do. If I’d have done that resurfacing I’d be ashamed.”

He added: “I’m afraid I have seen the like before, but if no one moans the services and the level of them will continue to decline. We’re living in broken Britain.”

The council spokesman responded by saying it was 'quite typical' for a road that has just been surface treated in this way to appear and feel 'bumpy', as the grip will have been restored.

He said the job had been carried out by contractors, adding: “The surface will also be noisier initially while the chippings ‘bed down’, which takes a little time.

“Officers inspected this road today and found that, while generally the surface treatment works have been completed to a good standard, there are small sections which we will continue to monitor as they may have been adversely affected by the heavy rain which fell shortly after the surface was laid.”