WALLASEY Village train station has been criticsed by commuters who have dubbed it one of the "weakest links" in the North West.

Rail passengers cite poor bus links, difficult-to-cross roads, insecure cycle parking and poorly-lit footpaths as barriers to using their local train station, according to a survey by Transport 2000 to find the best and worst stations in England and Wales.

Wallasey Village station scored badly in the Weakest Link report with no cycle facilities, no cycle paths, no signposts to the town centre, busy roads and numerous steps to climb before entering the station.

Mum Karen Richards said that she would use the station more often if she didn't have to drag her pram and children up steep and uneven stairs.

"This station is inaccessible to all but the athletic. It's easier to walk to the next station along the line than to board at Wallasey Village.

"The road to cross to reach the train station is extremely busy and leads onto a dual carriageway," she said.

The government has now made steps to bring Access for All funding and introduce a task force to improve cycle provisions.

And Tara Melton from Transport 2000 said: "With rail patronage growing in the North West it is now more important than ever not to disable or discriminate against rail users and say goodbye to inaccessible stations."

Merseytravel said they are now looking into making improvements.

A spokesman said: "Unfortunately Wallasey Village Station is in a restricted and confined location but we are looking at methods by which access could be improved.

This will be subject to the availability of government funding.

"Almost half of our 88 stations are now fully accessible and Wallasey Village station is on the list of stations which have yet to be improved.

"As far as signage into the town is concerned there is a local area map at the station which contains information on all local bus routes and destinations."