'TEAMWORK' is the word that comes to mind when you experience this curiously-titled, home-grown homage to Everton FC.

But all is revealed in a rousing and reflective drama with songs.

This entertainment, by Blue Park Theatre, is more a series of character sketches with songs – some old and some new - and archive film footage of the Toffee's greatest moments.

It does what it says on the ticket just like Kevin O'Connell's other success Ball of Fire – the story of legendary Alan ball.

This is a two-hour plus show that also has its poignant moments recalling Hillsborough aided by a touching performance of the Hollie's song He Ain't Heavy.

Just like the Liverpool FC tribute YNWA by Nicky Altt, it has a ready-made audience who love to celebrate the proud past while looking to the future.

It is an ensemble piece, but Royal Court and Everyman stalwarts Paul Duckworth (Jim) and Keddy Sutton (Bessie Braddock) add their own quirky stamps to the many, very funny lines of dialogue.

We hear the rich history of the Everton Lock Up on Everton Brow.

Facts and figures are delivered in fast-paced style about this landmark and, of course, Goodison Park.

The research is spot on with references to Dixie Dean's Wirral connections and even Globe columnist Tom Slemen gets a name check.

The show centres around two Evertonians; Jim and nephew Robbo, who lock themselves in the tower to protest at Everton's move to Bramley Dock after 125 years.

Inside they meet the ghosts of Prince Rupert, played with great comic timing by Carl Cockram who is also the director.

We meet Dixie Dean (Joe Shipman), feisty Mollie Bushel and love-lorn Maggie Magee (Aimee Marnell).

The song Sweet Maggie by Kevin and Bobby Parry has a real folksy, traditional feel to it.

Wearing my pundit's hat, the only time the production takes its eye off the ball is during an energetic but over-long drunken copper's tale and the ending is slightly rushed, deserving a more polished climatic conclusion.

That said, it all leads to an emotive Z Cars theme finale with all the cast rightly receiving a standing ovation.

This is a passionate show that has a great future and each new cast can bring a fresh approach – just like players in every football game.

Like I said, it's all about teamwork and Everton FC like this lively company, know a thing or two about that.

A show with a Big Blue Heart - four stars.

The shows run ends on Saturday.

Tickets from the box office on 0844 888 4411.