LOTTERY millionaire Tony Dodd is already splashing the cash - on new knees for himself and his wife Greta.

Tony, 68, from Wallasey, will go under the surgeon's knife at Murrayfield Hospital in Thingwall this Friday to have his left knee replaced before his wife Greta goes in for her operation later in the year.

The Wallasey couple won a £2,438,155 share of the Lotto jackpot last month and immediately decided to pay for the operations out of their winnings.

Tony has had problems with his knees for several years and his condition has got so bad that he has had to give up playing his beloved golf as he can hardly walk.

He plans to have his right knee replaced early next year and then aims to be back on the golf course as soon as he can to reduce his 18 handicap.

Greta meanwhile will go in for her first operation in October and then have her second once Tony has fully recovered from his surgery.

As well as replacing their knees the couple have already bought a new home in Greasby and are busy enjoying the lottery lifestyle.

The couple met 46 years ago in the Royal Navy Reserve and married after a whirlwind romance.

Tony, who has worked as a stand-up comedian, a children's entertainer and run a burglar alarm company before finishing his days as a taxi driver, said: "The knees have got so bad that it is affecting my quality of life.

"I have had to give up my golf as it's a struggle to walk. We were both on a hospital waiting list but as soon as we won we decided this was one of the first things we were going to do.

"The operation is around three hours so that's why we are doing it one knee at a time so we can help each other recover.

"Once I'm back up on my feet I intend to be back on the golf course and getting my handicap down again. I had to let my membership lapse at my local club because I couldn't get around the course."

Greta, 69 said: "Winning the Lotto has been a wonderful experience and the new knees will help us enjoy it even more. Everyone has been lovely and family and friends have been delighted for us "We went to Cyprus recently but couldn't go on the walking tours because of our knees but that's going to change."

Daughter Jane, 42, from Heswall, said: "This will give them a new lease of life and they'll be able to enjoy themselves properly again without worrying about the state of their knees."

A National Lottery spokesperson said: "We've had our jackpot winners buy all sorts of wonderful things with their winnings but I think this is the first time we had winners buy themselves new knees!

"We wish Tony and Greta all the best for the operation and we are sure they will soon be on their feet again and Tony will be back on the golf course."