A TEAM of volunteers has taken part in a community clean-up project in Birkenhead.

Operation Sparkle, organised by Birkenhead Improvement District (BID) team, aims to ensure that a local area is tidied, made cleaner and attractive for all.

Its most recent work saw volunteers help tidy up Cook Street, Barton Street and Menai Street, with many more to come.

Gemma Nichols, head of Birkenhead BID, said: "By tackling issues of fly-tipping, litter and graffiti we are making places more attractive by planting flowers, painting street furniture, lampposts and improving shop frontages.

"We will continue visiting areas in need of this support, the BID is here to make a difference and this is something we are all very committed to continue in making a real difference to Birkenhead.

“We work with closely with voluntary groups, Birkenhead Constituency, the Probation Service and many businesses to pinpoint key target areas and also involve the community in making Birkenhead a better place to live, work and visit.

"The reaction has been very positive to the changes made and we are very determined that Operation Sparkle, and our other initiatives are productive.”

Paula Basnett, chief executive at Wirral Chamber of Commerce said: "I would certainly urge people to help in in whatever way they can by volunteering just a few hours of their time to get involved and make Operation Sparkle a lasting success.”

If any local groups or individuals would like to volunteer to get involved in Operation Sparkle then please contact the Birkenhead BID team on 0151 650 6940 or email info@birkenheadbid.co.uk