A PENSBY family are pleading for help after their cat was attacked by a loose dog and left with life-threatening injuries.

Mum Tania Johnson set up a GoFundMe page after her rescue cat Blaze was attacked in the garden of her family home by a terrier type dog on Saturday, July 28.

Blaze was left with life-threatening injuries, including puncture wounds and has had to undergo treatment which will cost around £920.

So far around £270 of the £900 target has been raised.

Tania told the Globe: "My daughter let Blaze outside and a couple seconds later heard a bang on our front door followed by the sound of a scuffle.

"She ran to the door thinking that there was a cat fight in our garden but suddenly realised she could hear a dog.

"She ran outside and saw a terrier-type dog attacking our cat, she said the dog had hold of the cats chest and stomach area.

"It was ragging Blaze around like a toy.

"She screamed to her dad that a dog was attacking Blaze.

"My husband ran outside to try and split them up and my daughter came to get me."


It is believed that the dog had managed to escape from a car window and got through a garden gate.

Tania added: "The owner of the dog appeared and managed to pull it away from our cat and tried to find a lead.

"I told him to leave as my priority was to get hold of Blaze and check him out, the man then left and said he would come back but he has not yet.

"Blaze was taken to Irby Veterinary Surgery who have been amazing and saved Blaze's life."

Tania is now hoping the dog owner will come forward.

She said:"Blaze had major surgery to fix what this dog has done to his tummy.

"He also has a broken tooth but will manage with that.

"Blaze had been sitting on our door mat for just a matter of minutes and could not possibly be seen by a dog walking past my fenced and gated garden.

"The man said he would come back but he hasn't.

"We rescued Blaze from the RSPCA and he has become a loved member of our family, he has only been with us a year and we'd like to make sure he stays with us a lot longer."

To donate to help Blaze visit https://www.gofundme.com/life-saving-surgery-for-blaze