Stuart Kelly, Wirral Council Liberal Democrat group planning spokesman, accuses the town hall Labour administration of hypocrisy and claims their campaign to save the peninsula's Green Belt from Government-enforced development is phoney.

THIS summer all talk has been on Wirral Council’s forthcoming consultation to build on huge swathes of the Wirral Green Belt.

Predictably the controlling Labour party is looking to deflect the blame for this on to others; The Government – who they say have set the housing target figure at 800 houses a year for 15 years Peel Group – who they accuse of land banking and making no progress.

Even local Tory, Green and Lib Dem opposition councillors are being blamed for the none production of a local plan.

Opposition councillors have been "called upon" to back Labour calls to campaign against Peel.

Wirral Globe:

However the threat to the Green Belt has come from this Labour-controlled council.

It’s a bit odd that Labour councillors are calling on opposition councillors to join a campaign against the policy of their own Labour council.

The fact is that if Labour councillors don’t want the Labour council to build on the Green Belt they should just say so and vote accordingly.

Labour claim they are campaigning against the Peel Group and want development at Wirral Waters.

But Peel have been up front about the fact they are able to deliver the houses required to meet the housing targets set, they have made clear they can deliver 6,450 new homes within the local plan period to 2035 if there was - “full commitment from all stakeholders.”

It is now up to Peel, Wirral Council and other agencies to start to work together to achieve this.

Now this information has been made public by Peel it’s apparent that there is no need to build on Green Belt land.

All the council needs do is work with, and not against, Peel.

Labour’s “campaigns” to save the Green Belt are unnecessary.

The public are not taken in by the hypocrisy and want local politicians and leaders to find solutions rather than engage in endless blame gaming and name calling froth.

I call on the council leader to show some common sense and withdraw his report threatening large chunks of Green Belt with being concreated over and instead to join me in my campaign to get the council to work constructively with Peel to deliver these houses.