ACTOR, writer, director and producer.

Stephen Fletcher is a man of many parts, all of which are carried out with a perfectionist's eye for detail and an understanding of what works and what doesn't.

And he certainly knows what works at Liverpool's Royal Court.

After all, he's been in enough shows at the Roe Street venue and beyond, including a production of this his own creation, Mam! I’m 'Ere, which returns later this week, after a sell-out, rave review-revelling run back in 2015.

"It's back and this time, again, I'm in it," Stephen laughed ahead of rehearsals.

"It was first staged at The Dome, Renshaw Street, back in 2012, and I'd played in that version too.

"When it came here, though, I wanted to sit back and look at the show in its entirety, to see where it could be tweaked and strengthened.

"It was a fabulous experience and I learned a lot.

"This time, though, it was a case of either getting someone else in to direct or to get in there, do both and have a laugh with my mates!

"The cast have encouraged me to do both roles and I’m really looking forward to being back on the Royal Court stage again.

"It's turned into quite a different show this time out, because half of those who were involved last time are unavailable due to other commitments.

"That's meant I've had to rejig things a bit, but I’m lucky in the fact that the people we've got know exactly what the Royal Court audiences want.

"Every one of them has their own individual skill set and can generate a warmth that just rolls off the stage. It's what makes the place unique in many ways.

"One big difference this time around will be that Father O'Flaherty won't be joining us.

"Alan Stocks is unavailable and the good priest is very much his baby. So once I took him out of it, I had to introduce another character to fill the gap which, in doing so, led to a few loose ends having to be tied up which in turn has meant new pieces and lines have been added.

"What we have now, I hope, are the best bits of the first one mixed with some of the best bits of the second along with more than a sprinkling of new material.

"I think it's more of a complete package now. I'm really pleased with the way it is and, of course, when it gets into a rehearsal room, the cast are going to change things themselves, so it is almost always constantly evolving anyway.

"It's obviously great to be able to get together with your friends but what you don't have as a director, is that distance another director might have.

"When we did the show last time, I did find I was able to ask these guys for help though, if ever I ran into a brick wall as to where to take a particular scene.

"A great example of a director who's open to suggestion from actors is Bob Eaton, who has worked on so many shows here at The Royal Court.

"He's always open to suggestions from the actors and writers, which is why so much new writing takes place here.

"He's a sort of dramaturg in that way. He's a little bit of everything to do with the show.

"He edits and gets rid of the fat from a script brilliantly well, so that what's left is really punchy and funny.

"I've learned so much from Bob, but mainly how to keep the good stuff.

"The best directors I've worked with aren't afraid to ask for input and I'm fortunate enough to not only have my friends to turn to, but also a team of actors I deeply admire and respect.

"Lynn Francis comes in this time, as does Lindzi Germain, Jake Abraham and and the-newly married Hayley Sheen, who's possibly more familiar as Hayley Hampson, taking over from Rachel Rae.

"Mia Malloy and Rachel Wood are our two new divas as well, so it's going to be a completely new show in a lot of ways which is all very exciting."

Stephen is nothing if not busy.

Earlier in the year, he and star of The Miracle of Great Homer Street Catherine Rice, brought Fabaret to the new Downstairs space at The Royal Court and enjoyed more critical acclaim.

"That was great. We started off with the idea for this character, Our Bev, who was born out of an actual person I’d met.

"Cath and me developed her role, having made a little short film together, and thought straight away we had the beginnings of something that could be made bigger.

"It's set back stage in a social club on Bev's last night of performing, who then takes a look back on the whole of her life on stage: her loves, losses, how she met her agent, her relationship with her kids.

"Everything that makes up the life of a performer all in the first half. The second half is then given over to her final performance.

"We staged it for one night in the Studio downstairs at the Royal Court, on the Press Night for Liver Birds: Flying Home, and it completely sold out so, hopefully, we’ll be able to take another run at it in the future.

"Cath on her own playing all these different characters is just brilliant, and the audience feedback we had was really positive pleasing."

So returning to Mam! I'm 'Ere, what can an audience expect? Stephen said: "Last time out we managed to attract audiences totalling around 25,000, so I suppose the main thing to expect is a good night out!" Stephen smiled.

"It's fun, joyful, moving and above all, it’s live.

"It's also a really great chance to get your mates together over a bottle of wine and a great meal and enjoy a fabulous summer night out at the theatre.

"Added to that, it's a completely Abba-free-zone - the soundtrack for this is all disco music - and this show is a million miles away from that other one that's done okay for itself elsewhere!

"It's a fabulous show and I hope audiences enjoy watching it as much as we all enjoy being in it!"

Mam! I’m 'Ere is at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool from this Friday, July 13 until August 11.

Tickets are from the box office on 0151 709 4321.