TV presenter Andrew Marr says ‘hello again!’ to Globe columnist Peter Grant at the opening of his latest exhibition Angels and Open Windows.

It's been a year since I met Andrew Marr at the launch of his eye-opening debut exhibition Strokes of Colour and he has lost none of his passion for painting.

Andrew, 58, has progressed onto new levels with his curiously titled yet outstanding abstract paintings.

He has been prolific since his stroke in 2013 and a recent operation in May to remove a malignant tumour in his kidney.

The self-styled and modest "elderly, amateur, Sunday painter" is exhibiting his work in Liverpool's well-respected, independent Corke Gallery which champions new work.

Owner and curator Nic Corke told the Globe that with this diverse new collection called Angels and Open Windows, Andrew has 'stepped up his expressive game.'

It is clear that Mr Marr has developed his own distinctive style. The phrase now surrounding the art world ... "That's a Marr" is now definitely here to stay.

Nic says that Glasgow-born Andrew is an ‘honest artist’ in every sense of the word.

He told the Globe: "Andrew is a great communicator on television and in print, but he also communicates in his own unique way in his artistic work.

"A Brave Painting About Cancer says a lot about the man himself – it is about being defiant with the illness and another self-explanatory piece is called One Day after Grenfell.

"I urge art lovers from Wirral to come over and see for themselves.

"I value their support. I know how knowledgeable Wirral people are about art and I know Andrew was delighted to chat to them on his last visit."

Andrew, who enjoyed four separate exhibitions in 2017, is clearly pleased with his new display in the light and breezy confines of the gallery on Aigburth Road, South Liverpool.

The award-winning journalist broke off from his busy daily schedule to attend the private view fresh from a talk at the Dorchester in London.

He gave a short welcoming speech, welcomed questions (except any about Brexit) and explained how he continues to find joy with experimentation - especially shapes.

With a joint theme of celestial visitors, I asked if he had ever seen an angel?

With all the directness and economy of words he uses when grilling politicians he said with a smile "No!"

The former editor, TV film maker and broadcaster and author describes his love of painting in a wonderful piece of colourful writing in the first class catalogue.

The 54 paintings on display and for sale were only completed last month.

Following on last year's success Andrew told the Globe: "I find I am entering a new phase.

"The most recently painted four of five pictures in the show are both more mysterious and simpler than anything I've done yet."

I agree with Andrew that the pictures here have to be seen up front.

There is an intensity in the numerous colour bursts in pieces from Aphrodite’s Bathroom to Absolute Peach and paintings featuring scenes from French, Cyprus and Greek windows/.

And from one critic to another, Andrew said of some of his vibrant creations: "If you find yourself smiling or better still laughing I will be delighted.’’

Art from the Heart

Angels and Open Windows by Andrew Marr

Until July 28

Gallery opening hours: 10m to 2pm, Thursday- Saturday

Contact for more information: 07773287827

The exhibition is the start of the Gallery’s series of the Liverpool Biennial 2018 running throughout the year.