FOR the first time in its 19-year history Dogs Trust Merseyside welcomed 14 Coton de Tulear puppies.

The 10-week-old pups all named after ice creams and summer herbs were an accidental litter, who just days after arriving at the rehoming centre have all been rehomed.

Dogs Trust Merseyside assistant manager Catherine Stulberg told the Globe: “We have never looked after a Coton de Tulear before so to have 14 of them was incredible.

"In fact in its 127 year history Dogs Trust has only ever looked after two before these bundles of joy came to us.

“As soon as they arrived the staff were on hand to settle them in and give them lots of TLC.

"They are beautiful and full of fun, just as they should be but anyone considering adopting a puppy needs to remember that a dog is for life and owning a dog is a huge commitment in terms of time, training and money.”

Wirral Globe:

The team named the seven girls Lavender, Chervil, Rosemary, Bay, Parsley, Lemongrass, Sorrel and their brothers Calippo, Twister, Magnum, Mini Milk, Jubbly, Screwball and Solero.

Catherine added: “We would encourage anyone wanting to welcome a puppy into their family to do their research to ensure the breed suits their lifestyle.

"For example, if you like trekking up hills a Coton de Tulear isn’t for you as they don’t need a great deal of exercise.

"Also, people need to ensure they are ready to look after not only a puppy, but the adult dog the puppy will soon become.

“We would also advise people to adopt a puppy from Dogs Trust or another animal charity or go to a registered breeder and not to buy a puppy from a newspaper or internet advert, a pet shop or pet superstore.

"Many of these dogs are bred for a quick profit by what is often referred to as a ‘puppy farm’ or smuggled into the UK illegally in horrendous conditions and frequently have severe health problems.”

Anyone who is interested in adopting a dog from Dogs Trust Merseyside can find more information here