PLANS to regenerate New Ferry following last year's devastating explosion have received a significant funding boost.

Homes England has announced an initial investment of £100,000 to take forward part of the of plan, which aims to provide new homes, car parking and environmental improvements in Woodhead Street.

The cash would allow experts commissioned by Homes England to carry out the work necessary over the next 12 months to turn the proposal into a viable scheme capable of securing planning approval and attracting investment from a development partner.

A New Ferry residential working group will be set up consisting of represents from Wirral Council and Homes England. Duncan Inglis from Homes England said: "We want to use our funding and expertise to help provide new homes.

"Our £100,000 investment will support Wirral Council in their ambitions to rebuild New Ferry by enabling them to prepare a planning application for new homes and promote this site to developers – a significant step towards rebuilding New Ferry town centre."

Wirral Council leader Phil Davies said: "As far as it goes, this is a significant step forward towards what will be a long-term regeneration project in New Ferry, which we are fully committed to delivering.

"It is just one element of the regeneration delivery plan we initially submitted to the government, but it will provide a solid foundation from which we can take forward other parts of the plan.

"This development would bring new people to the area to provide custom to local shops and support other businesses in the New Ferry area."