AUTHORS across the world are being urged to get behind a local campaign to raise greater awareness of autism.

Launched by Jane Hawkes, from Little Sutton, the ‘Awesome About Autism’ campaign came to life three years ago when she set up Seashore No 4 to provide work experience for young people with autism, just like her son Will..

Will, 16, released his debut book ‘Hal and the End Street’ earlier this year in a bid to inspire other youngsters with autism.

The book, suitable for children aged nine and over, has been illustrated by Will and written by Liverpool author Jude Lennon using Will’s ideas and features the ‘Awesome About Autism’ campaign logo on the back cover.

Since its release, ‘Hal and the End Street’ has been widely received by parents, teachers and other children and adults living with autism.

The book and campaign has also received the praise of Liverpool-based illustrator and writer Tim Quinn.

Tim, the creator of the Doctor Who comic strip and Marvel Comics illustrator, has been Will’s idol for many years so by receiving his support, Jane believes Will’s confidence has had a huge boost.

Jane told the Globe: “We are incredibly proud of Will and his achievements over the last few months.

“He has overcome so many hurdles and his confidence has grown all because of this book.

“He has stood up and spoken in front of a crowd of people, been interviewed for radio and television and has had his photograph taken umpteen times. These are all things Will said he couldn’t do at the start of the year.

“He has amazed us and himself by overcoming his anxieties.

“I think he is only just realising what he has achieved.

“Not only has he produced a fantastic book, he is also helping others to understand autism and what it is like for people who live with this on a daily basis.”

Having being diagnosed with autism at the age of six, Will grew up learning to read and write with books that he says he struggled to ‘relate to’ because none featured main characters with autism.

Now working together, Jane, Jude and Will are now encouraging other professional writers, authors and businesses publishing books with a link to autism to feature the campaign logo as a way of raising even greater awareness.

Jane added: “We would love for other writers and authors to support Will and our campaign ‘Awesome About Autism’ by using the logo on any books they may be publishing in future which have a link to autism in some way.

“The book may be written or illustrated by someone with autism, feature an autistic character, be raising money for an autistic charity or feature other issues relating to autism in some way or another.

“Books featuring the logo will be instantly recognisable by people looking at them and in turn, this continues to spread greater understanding and awareness of the disability.”

So far Will has sold hundreds of copies of ‘Hal and The End Street’ and it remains in the Amazon top 20 chart of bestsellers.

It is hoped ‘Awesome About Autism’ will attract other high profile celebrities and writers to help spread further awareness of autism.

For more information about the campaign and other book projects, Will and Jude are working on visit