THESES are the eight important plans that could change the face of Wirral, with every one of them potentially being rubber stamped by the council's planning committee next week.

The plans include a 130-apartment block, built seven storeys high and boasting rooftop gardens, as well as controversial proposals to build more than 200 homes on the site of a former Bromborough school site.

Here are the eight proposals recommended for approval by Wirral council's planning committee on May 31.

1. A 132 flat-block for Birkenhead centre

Plans for more than 132 flats on the site of a former Birkenhead cinema are likely to be approved.

The development just off Conway Street will see flats complete with private garden terraces built where the Grand Ritz Cinema once stood, although there will be no provision for affordable housing.

The town centre site, close to the Pyramids Shopping Centre, is currently used as a car park, and plans come 17 years after the iconic cinema was knocked down.

Despite two objections including one from the Hamilton Square Conservation Area Advisory Committee over the “brutalist” design and concerns over refuse disposal, the proposals are recommended to be pushed through.

It comes after they were set to be discussed by planners last month but the decision was postponed to allow for a site visit.

2. Hundreds of flats set for site of former Bromborough school

Councillors are also set to approve plans for hundreds of homes on the site of a former Wirral school.

The plans for the Acre Lane site would see 217 houses erected on the plot once occupied by Bromborough Secondary School.

That’s despite more than 1,000 residents having signed a petition opposing the move, as well as 70 other objections raising concerns that include a loss of green space, over-development, congestion and a burden on local services.

But the report said the designs of the plans “do not detract from the character of the area”, and that there were no objections from the highways department.

Members are next week recommended to approve the plans, subject to a Section 106 agreement. That would see the developer make 20% of the settlement affordable housing, as well as providing public open space with children’s play equipment, a sports pitch, maintenance of the drains and any necessary roadworks.

The homes will mostly be detached, but there will also be a mix of terraced and semi-detached. Most of the homes will have “at least” two parking spaces.

3. Controversial two-storey apartment extension for Oxton home

Dozens of objections have been submitted to the council against these plans for an extension to a Birkenhead block of flats.

The building on Slatey Road in Oxton currently contains three apartments, with the extension set to make it a total of five.

But it’s received a petition of 27 signatures and 23 further objections on the grounds of road safety, a lack of parking and over-development.

Despite the concerns, the planning report said the development will make “the best use” of the site, and will not have an “unacceptable adverse impact” on the building, street or neighbouring properties.

4. Two houses ‘designed to look like one’

Two homes are set to be built in Tranmere “that have been designed to appear as one”, if planners approve next week.

They will be built on Clifton Road in Tranmere between two other houses where there is a “large area” of undeveloped land.

They have been designed to look like one “in order to mimic the size and scale of the surrounding dwellings”.

But it’s not without controversy, and as well as a handful of opposition from local residents, the council’s conservation team has also raised issues, as has the Birkenhead and Tranmere Neighbourhood Planning Forum.

A petition of 26 signatures from the Clifton Park and Conservation Association has also been received by the council.

These are due to concerns over sewage, density, traffic problems and the impact upon the character of the area.

But Wirral council's planners have said the building "will not compromise" the setting or view of the area, with the size of the plot similar to others around it.

Recommending planners to approve, the report concluded: "The proposal has been considered with regards to conservation, design, amenity, highway safety and trees and is considered suitable for the site and is not considered detrimental."

5. New restaurant in Birkenhead

The new owners said the restaurant – at 52 Oxton Road, Birkenhead, will serve coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as wine and beer.

It's not known what the building's previous use was, but the plans were submitted by Constantine Badea, and will mean the new eatery has nine tables with the capacity for 30 customers.

Despite planners recommending approval, there has been significant opposition to the plans.

That includes a 57-signature petition as well as objections from the nearby Regenda Homes, which provides accommodation for over 60s.

The objections relate to increased levels of congestion as well as noise from the restaurant.

Those fears have been addressed by planners, who say national policy dictates that takeaways and pubs are “generally acceptable” in surburban centres, and “would not have a significantly greater impact on the occupants of nearby residential occupants”.

6. Rooftop extension to prominent New Brighton promenade building

These plans would see two flats built on top of the Pier House in New Brighton.

The 30-apartment building is the former Chelsea Reach nightclub on Tower Promenade, which was converted less than 10 years ago.

The plans were originally approved in 2014, but did not come to fruition after residents vowed to fight the move.

This time around there are 20 objections to the plans, with complaints over noise during works, the loss of value to the existing penthouse and construction causing damage to the existing building.

Again addressing the concerns, planners said the building's concrete and steel frame mean it will not need structural alteration or scaffolding and that the developers have introduced measures to "minimise disruption" during works.

7. Extension for popular Barnston pub

These are plans to build a side and rear extension and bin store at the Fox and Hounds pub in Barnston.

It will mean an enlarged restaurant area and the car park size increased from 40 to 53 spaces.

It has been referred to the planning committee as it's a "departure" from the council's unitary development plan, but planning officers said the additions were "appropriate" and recommended it for approval.

8. There's likely to be a new snack bar in Wallasey

A takeaway snack bar is to officially open at Wirral Business Centre in Dock Road, Wallasey.

The building in Seacombe was previously operating without planning permission as a snack bar, but it has formally now been applied for.