MORE than 1,000 residents have signed a petition against plans to build hundreds of homes on the land of a former school in Wirral.

The plans for the Acre Lane site would see 217 houses erected on the plot once occupied by Bromborough Secondary School.

But a petition backed by Wirral South MP Alison McGovern and launched by the Acre Lane Action Group has been handed to the council, calling for the plans drawn up by Morris Homes to be rejected.

The petition says the plans are too large, and that the developers and council have “failed to facilitate, consult and inform” residents over the proposals.

Ms McGovern said: “I’ve been working with the Acre Lane Action Group to make sure the council and developers hear the people who’ve signed the petition I and the group handed to the council on Monday.

“I agree we need more homes, especially in and around Bromborough and Eastham, but they need to be built with minimal impact on the people who already live there.”

The plans are expected to be discussed by Wirral Council’s planning committee later this month, with the new homes set to back on to Meadowside Road, Brancote Gardens, Allport Road and Dawpool Drive.

The plot’s last use was as the Acre Lane Professional Excellence Centre before it was sold by the council in 2016.

The buildings have now been demolished.

A total of 70 objections have been formally submitted to the council, while there are 10 supporting the plans.

Although the Acre Lane Action Group is not against homes being built on-site, they want a bigger say on the plans, which they say are currently too large.

Jo Bird, chair of the group, said: “Morris Homes propose to build over 200 houses and 600 car parking spaces on urban green space.

“We want Morris Homes and Wirral Council to consult the community – not merely inform us of their plans. Over 1,000 local residents object to their current plans and should not be ignored. Community concerns stem from the impact of high density housing and increased population on residents – danger to pedestrians, rat runs, pressure on already over-stretched schools and health services, access to public transport, play areas, mature trees and clean air.

“Acre Lane Action Group are currently consulting the community about alternative proposals for housing that meets the needs of many people, not a few property developers. We want housing in our back yards. We are HIMBYs not NIMBYs.”

Acre Lane Action Group is also holding two consultation events this week at St Barnabas Church, where residents can further voice their thoughts and concerns.

They also set up a working group to create a discussion between the residents and developers.

Planning documents previously submitted to Wirral council by the developer Morris Homes said: “The site in its former role as a secondary school and later as an educational facility has meant that the site has always had an active use, prior to its recent demolition.

“The new housing scheme will bring this derelict site back into use, albeit for housing.

“The character of the surrounding area comprises residential dwellings, with associated uses, including shops and schools.

“As such, the proposals relate well to the surroundings and will not have a detrimental change on the character of this locality.”

Wirral Council was contacted for comment and attempts were made to contact the developer.