A LOCAL politician has called on the Prime Minister to support 'Hillsborough Law' to assist with the Grenfell public inquiry.

Wirral South MP Alison McGovern sent a letter addressed to Theresa May expressing cross-party support for 'Hillsborough Law', the Public Authority (Accountability) Bill on Friday, May 11.

The letter also reminds Mrs May that she has 'argued that it is priority for her Government to tackle 'burning injustices' within society and the Grenfell fire serves as a stark reminder that this issue goes beyond the suffering of the Hillsborough families'.

Ms McGovern wrote: "Your time as the Home Secretary came at a crucial point in the near 30 year fight for justice for Hillsborough families, you made sure that the Government took steps to address the long standing wounds that had deeply hurt so many.

"This is why we are writing to you, to express our support for the 'Hillsborough Law' and to urge your Government to support this package of legal changes intended to support those who suffer as a result of failings by public bodies'."

The Public Authorities (Accountability) Bill known as the Hillsborough Law was brought forward by Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and it passed its first reading in the House of Commons on March 29, 2017.

In the letter, Ms McGovern also goes on to say that she believes measures that are in the Hillsborough Law would be a 'significant step' towards making the experience of the Hillsborough families is not repeated.

She added: "There is no injustice more cruel or painful than the experience of the Hillsborough families and that of the families of other victims of public disasters who have been treated in an appalling way by public bodies and by the legal system.

"It is our hope that you make good on this commitment, support the measures contained within this Bill and take a vital first step towards changing the culture by improving justice and accountability for public bodies in our country."

96 Liverpool fans died in the crush at the Leppings Lane end of Hillsborough stadium on April 15 1989, as the FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest began.

Twelve of those who died during the Hillsborough disaster were from Wirral and Ellesmere Port.

They were Peter Burkett, Raymond Chapman, Anthony Kelly, James Delaney, Christopher Edwards, Arthur Horrocks, Kevin Traynor, Chris Traynor, James Hennessy, Graham Roberts, Dave Thomas and Thomas “Steve” Fox.

Ms McGovern and many others who have signed the letter including Len McCuskey, Professor Phil Scraton and Margaret Humphreys say they support the measures of the Bill and are urging Ms May to take the first vital step towards improving justice and accountability for public bodies in the UK.

Earlier this week shadow justice secretary Labour MP Richard Burgon said: “Far too often in this country, politics seems to act as a dam, actually holding back justice rather than helping justice to flow.

“Hillsborough, Stephen Lawrence, Bloody Sunday: examples of when the state didn’t use its great powers to deliver truth and justice, but instead blocked truth and justice for years and years.

“In all of these instances, the state was accused of a cover-up by those affected. In all of these instances, distrust was sowed. We can’t allow Grenfell to join that list.

“Race and class and power are at the heart of this. Justice delayed is justice denied, so it’s essential that this enquiry gets it right first time.”