A WIRRAL nurse who messaged a colleague on Facebook saying he wanted 'to give her a bed bath his tongue' has been struck off.

Paul Raymond Thompson, 40, made several inappropriate advances to an 18-year-old colleague while he worked at Arrowe Park Hospital between 2013 and 2014.

Thompson also told the colleague 'women are only good for cooking and making beds so get to it' and also slapped her bum while she was bent over on a ward.

During a misconduct hearing by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), the panel heard how Thompson had said how 'he liked it when she wore her top because you could see down it' when his colleague was changing into her scrubs.

She said that she was 'disgusted' by the comment and 'taped her top up so he could not see down it'.

In November, the panel also heard how Thompson had 'grabbed her, hugged her and kissed her on the lips' when she had come into a ward to hand in a sick note.

In evidence Thompson had told the panel that he had 'tried to comfort her' as she seemed 'upset' and that he did 'hug and kiss her on the cheek out of concern for her'.

The colleague told the panel that she was 'genuinely surprised'.

The panel said: "The panel considered each charge separately.

"As a 40 year old man you frightened and intimated an 18 year old woman.

"You physically touched her against her will.

"You sent messages to her which she regarded as ‘disgusting’.

"The panel concluded that your behaviour fell significantly below the standard required of a registered nurse and therefore amounted to misconduct."

Panel chairman Paul Morris said: "You said that Colleague A was flirtatious with you and that she made you feel uncomfortable.

"In your evidence you stated that Colleague A asked you to go on a night out with her. You said that you replied by saying that this would be like going on a night out with her dad.

"You said that Colleague A replied by saying that she could do things to you that she could not do to her dad.

"In your evidence you told the panel that Colleague A made a lewd comment towards you. “

Mr Morris added: "Further, in your oral evidence, you stated that you feel that these allegations were fuelled by you declining to be a guarantor for Colleague A and her boyfriend. You then changed this to say it was a male friend who had recently come out as gay.

"Colleague A was genuinely very surprised at your counter allegations and stated that she did not have a boyfriend when you were working together.

"In any event, she said that she would have asked her parents or family if she needed a guarantor for a loan.

"The panel believed that you fabricated these events and explanations to try to create a scenario where Colleague A was the protagonist."

A Wirral University Teaching Hospital spokesperson said: “The Trust is aware of the findings of the NMC.

"A full and thorough internal investigation was carried out.

"We have ended our employment contract with the individual concerned.”