WIRRAL Council’s latest cabinet shake-up has seen a former member dropped, with three of the existing roles scrapped and replaced with new ones.

Last year’s portfolios of Localism and Engagement, Transformation, and Delivering Differently have been replaced with Leisure and Recreation, Law and Order and Strategic Direction.

The move was announced by Wirral council leader Phil Davies at the second part of the local authority’s annual meeting on Tuesday, and saw nine of last year’s 10 members remain on the cabinet.

The only casualty from last year not announced in Cllr Davies’s cabinet on Tuesday was Cllr Christine Spriggs, whose Delivering Differently title appears to have been removed.

The new face to Cllr Davies’ Labour cabinet is Cllr Paul Stuart, who will take on the role of Law and Order.

Here are the 10 cabinet positions as announced by the leader on Monday:

1. Jobs and Growth: Cllr Angela Davies Cllr Davies said this role would be focussed on establishing the Wirral Growth Company – the £1bn joint venture to develop sites across the borough. Cllr Davies moves to the position from her previous role in charge of Transformation.

2. Housing and Planning: Cllr George Davies This role will centre around “delivering our challenging targets around new housing and completing the local plan”. It’s similar to the role deputy leader Cllr Davies held last year, which was then known as Housing and Community Safety.

3. Law and Order: Cllr Paul Stuart This new role will focus on building on the council’s “great partnership with police and other agencies”. Cllr Stuart is the only new face on the cabinet.

4. Highways and Transport: Cllr Stuart Whittingham Cllr Whittingham will resume the portfolio he also held last year, delivering on “important priorities” including street lighting and potholes.

5. Leisure and Recreation: Cllr Phillip Brightmore Cllr Brightmore will move to this newly-created role from the Environment portfolio. Cllr Davies said this position will “focus on ensuring leisure facilities are placed on a sustainable, financial footing in the context of declining resources”.

6. Environment: Cllr Matthew Patrick Cllr Patrick will move to Cllr Brightmore’s old role from his own former Localism and Engagement position, which has been scrapped. The Environment post will help the local authority deliver its 50% recycling target by 2020 as well as enforce the “zero-tolerance policy on littering and dog fouling”.

7. Financial Resources: Cllr Janette Williamson Cllr Williamson is one of the councillors to keep her role from last year. That will be about delivering a balanced budget as well as focussing on financial strategy: generating additional income, reforming services and improving the performance of existing council services.

8. Children and Families: Cllr Bernie Mooney Another of those to keep the same role as last year. One of Cllr Mooney’s emphasis will this year be on “working at pace to deliver our improvement plan”.

9. Social Care and Health: Cllr Chris Jones Cllr Jones keeps her position focussed on the “very important programme”, with an emphasis on putting in place schemes surrounding early intervention and prevention.

10. Strategic Direction of the council: Cllr Phil Davies Cllr Davies did not reveal a great deal about his new role on Tuesday, but it will centre around leading the Wirral partnership and leading the borough in the city region.

He told the meeting: “All of these portfolios will be done within the context of the Wirral Plan and the 20 pledges which we set out in 2015, and continues to be our guiding framework.

“We have achieved a lot but still have more to do.”

Cabinet members remain in their roles until either they resign or retire, are suspended or disqualified, or their office expires.

Their roles can be changed from time to time by the leader, who can also remove any of them from their roles.

The decisions they discuss at their meetings are generally either high-profile, of “significant budgetary impact”, those needing public awareness or decisions important to the running of the council.

They also recommend the budget and key policy proposals to full council for agreement.

Decisions made at its meetings are mostly public and, like other council boards and committees, the agendas and reports can be viewed online.

Tuesday’s meeting was also the first to be presided over in its entirety by new civic mayor Cllr Geoffrey Watt, following his appointment on Monday.