THE family of brave Edie Molyneux have released a video to educate and thank her supporters.

Three-year-old Edie has been receiving treatment for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma - a rare and inoperable brain tumour since January.

As the specialist treatment she requires is not available here on the NHS, the family created The Spider-Ede Appeal in an attempt to raise £700,000 for the potentially life-saving treatment elsewhere.

After hearing Edie's story, The Bradley Lowery Foundation joined forces with her family in an attempt to help raise the all important funds for specialist immunotherapy treatment.

Local politicians, Birkenhead MP Frank Field and Wirral South MP Alison McGovern have also got behind the appeal and called on the Government to support Edie and 10-year-old Lucy Moroney from Heswall, who also has DIPG.

In a video created by local musician Marc Kenny, Edie's mum Ashleigh Stading educates people about what DIPG is and addresses the issues faced by UK families who have to travel abroad in order for their children to receive treatment for DIPG.

Ashleigh also thanks everyone who has supported Edie and her family for helping them 'get through this'.

At the start of April, Edie received her fifth treatment and doctors revealed that her tumour had shrunk by 4mm.

Ashleigh said: "A week and a half ago, treatment six was due but we decided that while we are ahead with the (tumour) shrinkage we will postpone and give Edie time to build her strength back up as these last few months have been really tough on her little body.

"So on Friday last week, just to keep an eye on the tumour we decided to get an MRI for Edie and on Monday we had a meeting with the doctors to discuss the most recent scan results.

"There is no growth in the tumour and an area of haemorrhage that had been causing swelling in the posterior of the tumour has visibily shrunk.

"We think giving Edie more time to rest from the last treatment would have contributed to this.

"As you can all imagine this has been a nervous time for us stretching the gap between treatments so early on in the programme but we as parents felt it was something we had to try.

"This last week we have seen some improvements in our little superhero that hopefully confirms we have made the right decisions so far.

"We are just taking each day as it comes, as we’ve said before with DIPG you don’t know what is around the next corner.

"We have decisions to make this week on when her next treatment will be - you can only rest in this war for a short time.

"Right now we would like to extend our love, support and positivity to some of our warrior friends that are fighting struggles in their DIPG battle right now."

For more information on how to donate to Edie's appeal visit