A nurse says she can 'finally begin to move on' after winning a divorce court fight with her ex-husband.

Yvonne Gibney, who is in her late 50s and lives in Wirral, had reached a settlement four years ago after splitting from Maurice Gibney.

But a judge has ruled that the settlement must be 'set aside' after evidence showed that Mr Gibney, who works overseas in the oil industry, was a bigamist who had lied about his earnings.

Judge Faye Coaker said Mr Gibney, who is in his early 50s, should get nothing from the sale of the former family home.

The judge, who analysed the case at a private family court hearing in Liverpool, also said Mr Gibney should pick up his ex-wife's lawyers' bills.

She has also ruled that her written judgment should be made public and everyone involved named.

"The husband has admitted bigamy when faced with incontrovertible evidence," said Judge Coaker in her ruling.

"In relation to lies and falsehood, these have been admitted, although only in part, again when faced with incontrovertible evidence."

She added: "The wife invites me to find that these failings on the part of the husband are sufficient to justify the setting aside and variation of the (settlement)."

Judge Coaker said she was satisfied that Mr Gibney had 'deceived the court.'

The judge said he had claimed to be earning about £90,000 a year, when he was earning more than £140,000.

She said he would not receive "any share" of the proceeds of the sale of the home the couple had shared.

Specialist lawyers at law firm Irwin Mitchell had represented Mrs Gibney, who was married to Mr Gibney for 18 years.

"Yvonne's case was about securing a fair deal and happily, we were able to secure this," said solicitor Lara Tucker on Monday.

"There was evidence that Yvonne's ex-husband was earning far more than he disclosed in the original proceedings."

She added: "Because of this, Yvonne's divorce settlement was built on several lies."

Mrs Gibney said: "My divorce has been a dark cloud hanging over our lives for the last five years. We just wanted a fair deal, not one based on misinformation and hidden wealth, so that we can finally begin to move on."