A MUSIC event has raised nearly £2,000 for Autism Together's Future 50 campaign.

Last month charity Autism Together launched the new appeal to raise £2.5m to rebuild residential home Raby Hall to an autism specific building suitable for up to 12 patients.

When About Autism's Louise Thornton-Mitty found out about the appeal she enlisted the help of Wallasey singer-songwriter Cal Ruddy to put on an event at Wallasey's Royal British Legion.

22-year-old Cal has asperger's syndrome and was determined to raise cash for the services that helped him growing up.

The line-up also included Sam Heller, The Whitty Sisters, Andrew Curran and Southbound Attic Band.

Catering was provided by The Fish Bay from their Volkswagen van.

Cal told the Globe: "I’m just so glad that I can use my music as not only a way of bringing a bit of happiness to people’s lives, but for a cause as important as this.

"Autism Together is a charity I really believe in, as I have Asperger’s Syndrome myself and have my own difficulties due to this.

"I was absolutely overwhelmed when Lynda Rummens, a retired secretary at St George’s Medical Centre won a guitar signed by myself.

"As someone who has done a lot for myself throughout my life, and in my times of struggle, I was so pleased Lynda won it.

"My family and I have sought a lot of help in understanding autism and asperger’s, and Autism Together have really helped us throughout the years so I felt like it was about time for me to give a little something back, and what a way to help.

"This money going towards the Future 50 Appeal will help to make a huge difference in people’s lives."

One gig-goer Matty McGregor, who has autism, was given a guitar signed by Cal at the event.

He said: "I would like to thank Cal for his generous gift of a signed miniature guitar.

"It’s an ideal size for me.

"Myself and my friends from the Belvidere Centre in Wallasey had a really enjoyable, relaxing evening at the British Legion Club.

"I would like to thank the artists who gave their time to make the evening a success."

A total of £1,963.96 was raised from ticket sales, bucket collections and raffle prizes from the likes of Everton Football Club, Shiverpool and Sound City.

Fundraising officer for Autism Together Rick Myers said: "Everyone enjoyed a fantastic night of music at The Royal British Legion, good food and a really eclectic mix of different kinds of music – something for everyone.

"The hall was packed with a colourful array of people all ages, from all backgrounds, some with a variety of conditions including autism, all banded together with two aims in mind, raising money for a great cause and enjoying themselves.

"Needless to say both aims were achieved.

"Everyone was really kind and supportive for our Future 50 appeal to build an assessment and diagnostic centre for people with autism.

"Cal and his friends put on a brilliant night and everyone at Autism Together is so grateful, thank you all."