A WIRRAL pageant star has been crowned Ms Galaxy UK.

Beth Greenham, 28, from Wallasey has been competing in pageants for more than ten years and has won titles such as Miss New Brighton and Miss Grand England and can now add Ms Galaxy UK to her accolades.

She will now travel to Florida in July to compete at the Galaxy International Pageant.

Beth told the Globe: “In the build up to the pageant I did a lot of charity work and they add up to bonus points but it’s all about finding something you’re passionate about.

“You have an interview which is around four minutes and then once you’ve answered the gruelling questions you need to rehearse.

“The event properly begins at 7.30pm and there’s set rounds which we all compete in.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out I had won.

“As it was Miss Galaxy’s 10th anniversary, they wanted to send ten winners instead of nine so all the runners up had another ceremony the day after.

“My friend Miss Blackpool managed to win the following day and will now be travelling to America with us.

“As much as I wanted to celebrate my win, I just couldn’t wait to get to bed - I was so exhausted.

“Now I will carry on charity work in the run up to July.

“It’s strange because now it’s happened it feels like an even bigger win as I have been working years for it.

“It really is like a sport and these pageants really helps your confidence.”

Beth has previously won Miss Galaxy UK before but represented Chester, now she wants to give something back to her hometown.

As part of her pageant work, Beth has been able to raise hundreds for the Christie Cancer charity based in Manchester.

She added: “I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me in the first round.

“It’s very humbling the support I have received here and around the country. Its’ great to see people getting behind us and I hope there’s good news in July!”