A HOMELESS patterdale terrier is looking for a family who enjoy a rural life.

Three-year-old Sherlock is currently living at Dogs Trust Merseyside. 

Energetic Sherlock loves getting on with other dogs and its better if he lives in an adult-home.

A spokeswoman for Dogs Trust Merseyside said: "Sherlock is everything you'd expect from a Patterdale terrier.

"He's only around three years old and full of beans so he's into everything and everyone and doesn't keep still for a minute.

Wirral Globe:

"If you're used to lively terriers, then Sherlock may be right for your Holmes.

"This lad is much more suited to living on a farm or stables than in a standard home - he's very much an outdoors-y boy and doesn't appreciate central heating and comfy beds, preferring a rural life."

"He gets along with dogs very well when he likes them, else he’s not particularly interested in them.

"Because of his very Patterdale-ness, it's better for Sherlock that he lives in an adult home, and any existing dogs must be of a similar play style." 

For more information about Sherlock call 0300 303 0292, visit Dogs Trust Merseyside on Whiston Lane, Huyton, Liverpool, L36 6HP or visit www.dogstrust.org.uk