HAVE you ever thought about becoming a beekeeper?

Formed in 1961 and one of the five branches that make up the Cheshire Beekeepers’ Association, Wirral Beekeepers have been teaching residents how to help the environment by helping bees.

The group will be holding a beginners beekeeping taster session at Christ Church Hall in Barnston on Friday, March 9 from 7pm.

On the night residents will then be asked to sign up for a four-day beekeeping course which will be spread over Saturdays in March and April.

A spokeswoman from the group said: "Beekeeping is a great hobby with a good form of healthy food as the end product, honey.

"There is a cost in time and money when you start, but the more you know the easier it gets.

"If you want to add apiarist (beekeeper) to your talents then give it a go. 

"You will be involved in; helping the environment, learning something with an interesting basis, gaining carpentry skills, caring for the little critters, and yes the honey business."

For more information visit www.wirralbeekeepers.co.uk