GET creative this half term with Pyramids Shopping Centre.

Two big colouring walls called 'The Pentagon' will arrive at the centre from Thursday, February 22 from 11am.

Children and adults alike can take part in the free community activity bringing cartoon graphic to life by using paint pens.

A different giant interactive installation will also be available by the food court, with one canvas set to feature fantastical black and white creatures, while the other will have items found at a shopping centre.

Visitors are invited to express themselves creatively to transform them into head-turning pieces of art.

Centre director Derek Millar said: “There’s nothing better than seeing people of all ages and backgrounds coming together for some feel-good fun.

“The colouring walls will be brilliant to get involved with as everyone can enjoy – and feel nostalgic – about this favourite childhood pastime.

"It also offers another great way to spend quality time with family and friends when on a day out at the centre.”

The contemporary character designs are the brainchild of UK artist, Scott Walker, who will also be at the centre.

He said: “I’ve travelled to many places around the world with my colouring walls and no matter where I’ve been, the bright colours and comic-book characters always stop people in their tracks and soon they’ve picked up a paint pen and are joining in.

“It’s a very simple concept that appeals to all ages, and of course the added bonus is that colouring is a very relaxing activity.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re artistically-minded or not, as everyone’s contribution makes the final creation super special."

Derek added: “I’m looking forward to seeing how the canvasses evolve over the two days of half-term and I’m sure it will be a wonderful talking point when visitors are shopping with us.”

‘The Pentagon’ colouring walls will be available for shoppers to complete at Pyramids Shopping Centre on Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February23  between 11am and 3pm on both days.

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