THE Bradley Lowery Foundation have pledged their support to three-year-old Edie Molyneux who is currently receiving treatment for an inoperable brain tumour.

Three-year-old Edie, from Tranmere, was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) last year.

Her family began researching ways to treat the inoperable brain tumour and found a clinic in Monterrey, Mexico which had treated children with a similar diagnosis to Edie.

A ballpark figure for the treatment is around £300,000 but the family have had to increase this to £700,000 following advice from other parents currently in Mexico.

On Wednesday it was revealed that The Bradley Lowery foundation had pledged their support for Edie and her Spider-Ede Appeal.

Six-year-old Bradley passed away in July 2017 after battling neuroblastoma.

His mum Gemma set up the foundation to support campaigns to raise cash for children like Bradley who need medical treatment and equipment not available on the NHS.

Gemma spoke of how she received a message from Bradley saying ‘you have to help her’.

This support means that The Spider-Ede Appeal is now part of a registered charity and allows businesses and larger companies who need a charity number to donate.

So far £103,648 has been raised for Edie.

After travelling to Mexico earlier this month Edie has began treatment but has had devastating side effects such as losing strength in the right side of her body.

Edie’s mum Ashleigh told the Globe: “We are officially celebrating being part of the Bradley Lowery Foundation.

“For us this is monumental as it means we are now part of a registered charity and can accept donations with gift aid if you are a tax paying individual.

“One of the harder announcements is that after a lot of advice from the foundation and parents of other children seeking treatment in Monterrey, we are having to increase our target to £700,000.

“This is a massive increase, more than double that of our original baseline target.

“We did not come to this decision lightly, we were first given the advice over a week ago and completely dismissed it thinking it was an unrealistic target.

“However, some of the families here have exhausted their funds and need to rethink fundraising.

“We don’t want to be put in that position after all of your generosity and hard work. We need to be able to give Edie the best chance we can.

“£300,000 was frightening, but we’re nearly at a third after such a short time.

“If £700,000 is what it takes, then we don’t stop until we get it.

“Our hearts shattered all over again, it feels like one step forward and three steps back but thanks to every single one of you, we’ve managed to smash a third of that in a matter of weeks, so we know that with all of you in our corner and the huge effort each and every one of you are making, that we can do it.

“We have so much faith in the love and support from you all, you truly are fighting alongside us. We need you all now more than ever.”

To donate to The Spider-Ede Appeal visit or text ‘Edie03’ followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070.