WIRRAL council is hoping to become the first authority in Merseyside to ban certain plastics.

Single use plastics (SUP) including drinks cups, plastic cutlery, straws, plastic bottles, food packaging, lids and stirrers - will all be phased out in the borough in a bid to cut pollution and protect our beaches.

In a recent episode from BBC TV show Blue Planet II, producers highlighted the dangers of single use plastics by following albatrosses who try to feed plastic to their young and a pilot whale who carries her dead calf with her for days in mourning. 

Wirral's environment chief councillor Phillip Brightmore said: “As a peninsula our beaches are incredibly important to Wirral, and play a major role in the lives of local residents as well as being an important attraction for visitors.

“This move will add to the fabulous work carried out by many local groups who work hard to keep our beaches clean by reducing the amount of plastic waste washing up there.

“I am calling on councillors to back my plans to phase out single use plastics by Wirral Council and educate those organisations we work with on the importance of finding alternatives.

“While the Greens claim to be champions of the environment they have clearly compromised those ideals getting into bed with the Tories.

"My proposals go much further and will see a campaign to drive the reduction of single use plastics brought in for the whole borough, not just Wirral Council and its partners.

“I will also be writing Michael Gove, the Conservative Minister for Environment, asking that the reduction of SUP form part of any future national Waste Management Strategy.

"This is an issue which affects us all and must be part of a nation wide approach.”

Council leader Phil Davies said: “This is another example of why Labour is the only party which can be trusted in control of Wirral Council.

“These proposals will help reduce waste and at the same time make an important contribution to making the world a cleaner, safer place for future generations.”