POLITICIANS have expressed their disappointment after Chancellor Philip Hammond failed to pledge funding for the regeneration in New Ferry in the Autumn Budget.

Wirral Council leader Phil Davies feels the town has been 'badly let down' by the Government since the devastating explosion in March.

Independent experts have developed a regeneration plan which has undergone many consultations with people and business affected by the explosion.

It is hoped the plan would see the town’s high street restored and more modern homes built in the area.

The plans include; residential developments on part of the Woodhead Street car park and on Bebington Road, a mixed use residential and retail development of Woodhead Street car park and New Chester Road.

Also, a redeveloped retail centre within New Ferry, repurposing the former Co-Op building and a new green space alongside New Chester Road all feature as part of the plan.

Cllr Davies said: “I am bitterly disappointed that once again this Government has failed to follow through on its promises.

“We were pleased to see the precedent being set with nearly £30 million support for residents in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, but to date, not a single penny has been found to help rebuild New Ferry and support the Wirral families and businesses who have seen their homes and livelihoods completely destroyed.

“Government ministers were clear – develop your regeneration proposals, and we will support you.

“Local people and businesses have done their bit; they have worked with us to create an ambitious programme of work which will restore New Ferry to its former glory.

"The Government, unfortunately, has not yet delivered on their part of the bargain.

"We will not give up on this.

"The Government promised support for New Ferry residents, and I will continue to fight until they deliver on that promise.”

To date the cost of clean-up and security on the site to the local authority has surpassed £300,000 and after discussions with ministers from the Department for Communities and Local Government the Council has developed a regeneration plan for the town in partnership with residents and businesses.

New Ferry MP Alison McGovern said: "I am pleased that the Council is now in a position to approach the government for their much needed support.

“I was dismayed after the explosion that the town received no emergency relief money despite myself and the council meeting with ministers and calling on the Prime Minster to assist.

“The town has started its road to recovery but only thanks to the assistance from the council and the help from local people.

“No credit or thanks for this can be linked with the Government.

“Now we have the plan it is time for some action from those in power at Westminster.

"The Tories have let New Ferry down on too many previous occasions including when the town needed it most.

“People were displaced from their homes, business owners and staff had to stop trading and people sustained serious injuries.

“I will be keeping the pressure on in Parliament for the much needed regeneration of our area.

“The Tories need to do the right thing and show New Ferry their support in more than just empty words.”