A PUBLIC meeting on controversial plans for Hoylake golf resort will be held in the town tomorrow.

Organised by Wirral West MP Margaret Greenwood and taking place at Hoylake Community Centre from 9.30am-11am it will be a chance for people to express their views about the proposals.

Council leader Phil Davies and head of regeneration and planning David Ball, will also give presentations on the proposals and answer questions.

The developers have also been invited to give a presentation on the proposals and take questions from the room.

A local campaign group against the proposals will also be given the opportunity to put their case and answer questions.

Urging those with concerns on the proposed development to go along and have their say, Ms Greenwood told the Globe: "As the MP for the area, I want to hear the views of as many local people as possible.

"That is why I am holding a public meeting about the proposals and also inviting people to write to me with their views.

"I am keen to know whether people are in favour of it, against it, or if they are undecided.

"I would also like to know whether or not people feel that they have had enough information about the proposals and if not, what further information they feel they need.

"The golf resort would be a very large development which would significantly change the face of Hoylake and surrounding areas.

"It is therefore very important that as much information as possible is provided so that people can make an informed decision about how they feel about it.

"People are welcome to expand on the reasons why they feel the way they do about the proposals.

"They are also welcome to raise any questions that they may have."

"I would be grateful if Wirral West residents could email me at margaret.greenwood.mp@parliament.uk or write to me at Hilbre House, 35a Market Street, Hoylake, CH47 2BG with their views".

The proposed complex would be built on Hoylake's Municipal Golf Course and is a central part of the "Golf Coast" project created by the Jack Nicklaus Joint Venture Group.

The scheme will see an 18-hole championship course - designed by American golf legend Jack Nicklaus - a luxury five-star Celtic Manor hotel with health club and spa, new clubhouse and training academy.

A housing estate would also be built and there also plans for a link road.

Earlier this month campaigners stepped up calls for the planned resort and an associated by-pass to be scrapped before any more tax-payers' money is spent on it.

The Stop Hoylake Golf Resort Action Group accused the council of carrying out a weak consultation exercise and called on the public to back its campaign to scrap the resort plan.

It said in a statement: "There are so many issues and commercial risks associated with this resort; it is our firm belief that the many negative impacts massively out way any 'perceived' benefits.

"We are against development on Green Belt Land, which is totally against current planning policy. Building on a flood plain will increase Flood Risk in the Birket Valley.

"We are also concerned about the environmental Damage to biodiverse farmland which is home to a wide variety of species, many of them nationally and internationally protected.

"Previous consultants' reports have stated that the resort is not viable, without the enabling development of 200 luxury houses.

"The council have carried out only a weak public consultation exercise and the majority of the local community are against the resort.

"Already costs are spiralling, there is no detailed financial business plan and no cost and benefit analysis has been undertaken."

In response the council said it has received financial plans for the development, which are currently being reviewed and assessed, adding that the outcome of that assessment will be reported to cabinet in the coming months.

A council spokesman added: "We are aware this would constitute Green Belt development and, entirely in line with current policy, the development would need to demonstrate 'special circumstances’ in order to receive planning permission. This will be a decision for the planning committee.

"All environmental issues raised to date have been raised with the developer and will be fully addressed in the planning application.

"The full suite of documents explaining the application will be made public and subject to consultation."

Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil Davies told the Globe: "The Hoylake Golf Resort will be a flagship, transformative development which will create hundreds of jobs for local people.

"We are talking about a globally-significant tourism and leisure attraction, which will attract thousands of visitors to our borough every year.

"Developments of this scale are never straightforward. This is why it's so important the due diligence is completed, and we fully investigate every aspect of the plans. That is exactly what we are doing.

"To immediately oppose the development, to oppose the potential for hundreds of jobs, hundreds of millions in tourism revenue and the opportunity to create a truly world-class destination in our borough, is extremely short sighted.

"We are very confident that this development will deliver on all that was promised, and more.

"We continue to work on the financial and environment impacts and issues, and we pledge to continue to talk to every resident in the area to make sure their concerns are listened to and they are able to benefit from a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a fantastic new development."