A CAMPAIGN group has launched a new petition calling for all tolls on the Mersey to be scrapped.

The petition, from Scrap Mersey Tolls group, wants to end all crossing tolls on tunnels and bridges across the River Mersey and has been addressed to the Prime Minister Theresa May, the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn and Steve Rotheram Mayor of the Liverpool City Region.

Claire Glynn from Scrap Mersey Tolls said: "We are pressing all the parties to stop the discrimination where this area is treated worse than other areas of Britain, and the discrimination where some residents are treated unfavourably compared with others.

"We hope that many thousands will sign the petition and show the politicians of all parties how strong the feeling is against tolls.

"We hope to see an end to tolls as has already happened in Scotland and will soon be the case in Wales."

This is the third petition from the action group regarding this issue.

The first - on the Parliament website - ceased when Ms May called a snap general election in May.

Another reached almost 22,000 signatures when the Mersey Gateway Bridge opened at midnight on Friday, October 13.

John McGoldrick of the Mersey Tunnels Users Association told the Globe: "This area has suffered tolls for over eighty years with drivers paying over one billion pounds to the authorities who control the Tunnels.

"The authorities have now closed what was the only untolled crossing in the City Region.

"We hope that people will now get together and sign this petition to demonstrate that they want an end to this highway robbery.

"Drivers pay around fifty billion pounds a year in road taxes and it is that money which should pay for roads and river crossings not additional money that drivers are forced to pay over to toll collectors and their agents."

To sign the petition visit https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/scrap-mersey-tolls