A NEW film about the last year of Birkenhead war poet Wilfred Owen's life has begun shooting across the country.

The film, The Burying Party, from Sine Wave Media is now searching for an Edwardian set for a scene which will be filmed next month.

So far locations have included Christ Church in Port Sunlight, gardens and houses in Oxton and Ness Gardens.

Due for general release late next year The Burying Party will arrive in time for the 100 year anniversary of Wilfred's death at the age of 25 on November 4, 1918.

The cast includes Andrew Caley (Peaky Blinders and Downton Abbey), Sid Phoenix as Siegfried Sassoon and Joyce Branagh who plays Wilfred's mother Susan.

Taking the lead role of Wilfred will be Mathew Staite from Oxford.

The crowdfunding campaign video for the film

Assistant director Keith Thompson said: “We are delighted with all the actors’ interpretation of our script.

"So far we have had the privilege of being able to film with them in some excellent locations who have all been really co-operative and shared our enthusiasm for Owen's life and work.

"We are thankfully not the first and hopefully won’t be the last to represent Wilfred Owen on film, stage or at the local museum here.

"However we are still looking for funding to complete the project and do justice to the man himself and the tragic war her found himself in.”

The next phase of filming will go ahead in October and in November, will take place in specially constructed trenches in Suffolk.

However directors are scouting for a location to film a special scene involving Susan Owen (Joyce Branagh).

Keith added: “We are looking for a living room leading to a hallway with an interior broadly late Victorian or Edwardian style.

"There are hotels we can use, but we thought it would be nice for local people who wanted to become involved to offer their home as a location.”

Details of the film can be found at www.theburyingparty.com or https://www.facebook.com/theburyingparty/