WHEN 007 - Wirral's Daniel Craig - and his school band recorded a song for a competition he probably thought it would be lost forever.

But he was wrong and has written to its Wirral producer to say thanks for sending him the original copy and handing over full production rights.

The track - a cover version of The Animals' 1964 hit House Of The Rising Sun - features Daniel, 15 at the time, and his band Inner Voices was recorded in 1983 for entry into a school competition organised by Trustee Savings Bank. It was produced and financed by fellow pupil Alan Fennah, whose brother Andy was also in the band.

It was considered lost for many years and was rediscovered by Alan and brother Rob, co-founders of Birkenhead-based Pulse Records Ltd, in May, when they were listening to some old tapes. Rob sent the original copy to Daniel's agent and did not expect a reply.

To his surprise a letter from Daniel arrived at their office last week. In it, the star - currently working on the next Bond movie, writes: "To Andy, Rob and Alan, I'm not sure you should call them vocals. Thank you for being so sensitive with this, it brings back great memories.

"Thank you, I shall treasure it probably by locking it away. Hope you and your families are well and happy. Daniel."

At the end of recording, Alan was presented with the master tape that he duly filed away. The group didn't win the competition and on leaving school went their separate ways.

Rob told the Globe: "We didn't expect a reply from him, but it's nice to know that he's got the recording and is looking back at his memories."