A WIRRAL teenager has been chosen to represent the UK in the international youth event Youngsters on the Air.

Radio amateur Milo Noblet, 18, known as 2E0ILO his amateur radio call sign, will be alongside eighty young people from 26 countries who will take part in this years YOTA summer camp hosted by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) at Gilwell Park, London.

Youngsters on the Air use radio waves, transceivers and antennas to communicate with each other.

They create contact with new people, but also chat with old friends from all over the world. 

Participants will take part in challenging amateur radio activities, visits to Bletchley Park and the National Radio Centre, Ofcom’s Spectrum Management Centre in Baldock and the London Science Museum.

They will also have the opportunity to use amateur radio to speak directly to astronaut Paulo Nespoli - IZ0JP - on the International Space Station and see him via live video by Amateur TV. 

During the week clubs across the country supported by the RSGB’s Regional Team are hosting events for more young people to try amateur radio.

RSGB board director and YOTA Project Manager Steve Hartley said: “We are delighted to have the honour of hosting YOTA’s seventh international summer camp and are looking forward to welcoming so many young radio amateurs from around the world.”