HAIL the Storyhouse ...

They have done it again with another imaginative interpretation of a Shakespeare play.

A Midsummer Night's Dream was sparkling and sunny - this is gripping and graphic from the attention-grabbing introduction in the foyer (don't miss it – so be on time) before you take your seats.

A political rally is taking place as members of the cast and the community chorus (featuring local members of the public who attended open auditions) mingle with the theatre-goers.

We are all in it together ...

On a big screen, we see Caesar and his team of aides and spin doctors arrive at the venue.

He is triumphant from Rome.

Alas, infamy abounds.

This is inventively relayed over three-hours.

Ironically, when this play was at rehearsal stage the 'snap election' was called.

How timely!

Set in modern dress we see sharp-suited power people in the first half. Followed - after all the back and front stabbing - in military gear for the second half.

Mobiles, I Pads and laptops are the norm here as the political landscape is up for grabs.

Caesar ignores a soothsayer here a bag lady.

The Ides of March is just fake news to him.

Alas, the plot thickens as do the plots against him as Caesar refuses to rest on his laurels.

Richard Pepper is a very strong Brutus and Christopher Staines is a solid Cassius.

You can believe their strained friendship and the complicated bond that exists between them.

Sadly we only see Caeser in a few scenes (three) but Christopher Wright makes his mark.

Music by Tayo Akinbode punctutates the proceedings with some atmospheric percussion.

There is a fine sensitive and yet gutsyt performance by Natalie Grady as Marc Antony – here Caesar's right hand woman.

The famous speeches are pitch-perfect and the action is well paced - at times fast and furious when with depicting the mounting tension.

Superb lighting and sound effects add extra special elements to the production.

The fight sequences from director Paul Benzing are also visually stunning.

The whole feel is one of living it now and watching it unfold on our TV screens and via multi-media.

It is a great achievement bringing such imagery to the theatre.

Yet again the Rep Company excel themselves on the Thrust stage.

Here the 16-strong cast gives blood, sweat and tears.

Director Loveday Ingram offers a modern, sharp and vibrant take on this timeless and very relevant tale.

Dynamic - FIVE STARS

Until August 27.