TIME waits for no one.

Just ask Theresa May.

The general election result has upset so many people for different reasons, but at the end of the day it was democracy in action.

But try telling that to a good friend of mine who works shifts.

He couldn't get time off for June 8.

The same had happened to him for the EU Referendum.

Forever the optimist, he still believed he could leave work ten minutes early and run to the nearby polling station.

Alas – Kismet!

Tempus Fugit and all that.

A dish-washer broke down in the restaurant where he worked and he was up against the clock.

He eventually got to the polling station just one minute late and the ballot box was locked.

He sat outside with his head in his hands - the voting card crumpled on the floor looking like some fallen tragic Shakespearean figure.

It hit him like an arrow because he believes EVERY single vote counts.

It does.

And it will again, sooner than he thinks, methinks.

He was cursing the 10pm deadline - but realised that you don't mess with red tape like this.

We all have to be in control.

"If you can't be on time you don't deserve to vote", he chastised himself.

Then he trundled home to watch the news of a hung parliament.

This made me muse over why many people are so lax in other time-critical situations?

I won’t forgive tardy types who turn up late at the theatre.

It is a total lack of respect.

Why pay good money for a ticket and then miss the start of a production and upset rows of people saying "sorry, can I squeeze in there?" much to the annoyance of those on stage and off.

If I missed the start of lessons at school I was caned.

I knew it was a bad habit to get into.

I was duly penalised by the Christian Brothers so much that punctuality became the 11th Commandment.

You don't turn up for the doctor late for appointment.

We don't arrive for job interviews late and we try and make a good impression on first dates.

So I'm afraid my pal really is to blame – he had enough warning, but just didn't get his own act together.

He has now vowed to take the whole day off when the next election is announced even promising to quit his job if he can’t be released.

He now has a mission statement: "Fail to prepare – prepare to fail".

If only every single person eligible to vote felt like that.


THE Inferno would like to draw to attention to a forthcoming inspirational exhibition called Strokes of Colour

The Nic Corke Gallery in Liverpool will show more than 100 works on canvas by Andrew Marr.

Sale of the work will go to the ARNI Institute for stroke survivors and families.

TV journalist and author Andrew, who suffered a stroke in 2013, has painted all his life.

Andrew is thrilled to have his first inspirational exhibition in Liverpool from June 15, to July 21, after Nic invited him during a chance meeting.

But there is one stipulation for those attending the private views with Mr Marr in attendance.

Gallery guru Nic tells the Inferno: "There will be an opportunity to discuss his work and passion for painting.

"But these are strictly NO politics evenings".

Phew – what a relief!


NAUTICAL and nice, the Mermaid Trail in New Brighton is already a huge hit.

And no doubt once the Wirral Loop Line work is finished more visitors will flock to the resort to see the fab fishy felines.

Wearing my critic's hat, the splashing statues get five stars (make it six) from me as a unique art installation.

A home-grown idea that captures the imagination – successful teamwork between the council and the public.

Wirral needs more inspirational ideas like this.

On announcing plans for £1bn investment and development, Cllr leader Phil Davies talked excitedly of a New Brighton tower.

Why live in the past?

Aren't there any better songs to sing out there?

There are exciting plans for Birkenhead too.

But how about a trail of model ships those vessels made by world famous Cammell Laird in mini-form.

But do tourists and residents really need to get an eye-full of another tower?

Let's hope Wirral doesn't become home to the Museum of Artists' Impressions.

Architectural concepts that never made it off the paper they were drawn on.


GREAT Danes!

The current popularity of TV and big screen dramas from Scandinavia is literally having an effect on one Wirral-based theatre company.

Hamlet will be performed "under cover" by the Hillbark Players from Monday at Royden Park in Frankby for five days.

Forsooth, this clever company has been bringing the Bard alive by staging it in the park since 1964.

The Hillbarkers are calling their latest Hamlet: "William Shakespeare’s greatest play – the original (and best) Scandi-Noir drama". 

The story of the damaged Danish prince serves up rich pickings for today's political speech writers.

As these apt quotes, written 400 years ago, show.

How's this for a warning to us in the media: "Madness in great ones must not unwatched go". 


AND finally ... Her Majesty’s services are needed on Monday for the Queen's Speech.

There is no truth in the rumour that when told she responded just like her loyal subject Brenda from Bristol by sighing: "Oh, no, not another one". 

Peter Grant