LABOUR held Claughton ward in yesterday’s by-election with Gillian Wood winning with a majority of more than 1,000.

Ms Wood had 52% share of the votes in followed by Liberal Democrat David Robert Cynlais Evans with 22% and Barbara Vera Sinclair for Conservatives with 17%. Turnout was 30%.

The by-election followed the death of Cllr Denise Roberts earlier this year.

The result is a reversal of fortunes for Labour in local elections across the country.

Latest figures show Conservatives have 464 councillors, a net gain of 125, while Labour have 322, a net loss of 65.

The Claughton results:

  • Gillian Wood Labour 1761 52% 
  • David Robert Cynlais Evans Liberal Democrats 740 22% 
  • Barbara Vera Sinclair Conservative 567 17% 
  • Liz Heydon Green Party 136 4% 
  • Beryl Rosina Jones UK Independence Party 130 4% 
  • Leon Allen Wheddon Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 27 1%