A NEW membership card has been launched to promote independent businesses in Wirral.

Created by Adam Campbell, 29, from Upton, Wirral Unchained is designed to tempt people to enjoy local businesses.

All you will have to do is sign up as a member to receive a card which offers discounts from a number of independent businesses such as hairdressers to food and drink retailers.

Adam told the Globe: “So far we have 27 business offers and rewards and we really do have something for everyone.

“I’m aiming to have 40 businesses involved with the card and I’m looking to do events such as food festivals.

“It’s very interesting – the demographic is different to Liverpool, over there is a lot of students but here its more families and Wirral doesn’t have a city centre.

“So far we have around 60 memberships but in six months I’m aiming to grow this to 500.

“There are businesses all over Wirral that have got involved from New Brighton to Heswall.”

Adam, originally from West Derby, found himself out of work and was inspired to create the card by the creators of Independent Liverpool.

He added: “I think inspiration needs to be credited to the lads from Independent Liverpool who pioneered the idea of an independent membership card.

"I got in touch with founders David Williams and Oliver Press and asked them if they had any plans to bring their card over the water to Wirral.

“They told me just to run with my idea and go for it. They’ve been really supportive and inspired me firstly to get involved in this business.”

David and Oliver set up the Independent Liverpool card in 2013 and have since seen a huge growth in the city’s demand for independent businesses, Adam is hoping for the same impact in Wirral.

“After moving to Wirral and seeing all the amazing unchained businesses and realising there wasn't anyone championing them specifically, it seemed like it was something that was missing.

“It’s like spend a £1 at a local shop and 75p of that goes back into the local economy. This will bring so much to Wirral as a community. We’ll be saving money by putting cash back to the local area.”

“My aim is to get people enjoying their local area, I don't expect people to change their shopping habits completely, but if our card can encourage them to make even a small change and support local business, then I'll consider that a win!"

The card priced at £8 for one or £14 for two per year.

For more information about Wirral Unchained visit http://wirralunchained.co.uk/